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Banda Aceh

    "As Asia suffers through a 9/11 of its own -- a natural calamity instead of a man-made one, but at least 25 times more deadly ..." (David E Sanger, nyt_04.12.30)

Ground Zero
Beijing :
twisted doughnut
Beijing :
bird nest
Seattle :
Sydney :
London :
Manhattan :
Seattle :
cool house
Seattle :
Beijing :
Boston :
Moses Scheme
int'l caravan
Sydney :
Ground Zero
Boston :
Fan Pier
Boston :
Las Vegas
Circular Quay
Beijing :
duck egg
Los Angeles :
Bilbao :




  • "Architects Offer Help After Tsunami"
    -- "As relief agencies and governments mobilize to provide temporary shelter, food, fresh water, medical care and sanitation facilities, a handful of nonprofit organizations with money from governments, United Nations agencies and private individuals are gearing up for longer-term rebuilding and reconstruction projects." (Ernest Beck, nyt_04.12.30)
  • "While some throw curves, a light motif stands out."
    -- "Free-form shapes and bright, open spaces are significant trends." (Robert Campbell, bg_04.12.26)
  • "Feuds? I've had a few"
    -- "He's a Jew who is a close friend of Albert Speer's son; he's had blazing rows with Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind; he's used to having bitter arguments with ..." (Deyan Sudjic, obs_04.12.19)
    • "After years of delay, last slab of Holocaust monument put in place."
      -- "The last slab of Berlin's Holocaust Memorial was lowered into place yesterday, marking the end of nearly 20 years of wrangling in Germany over how to commemorate Europe's murdered Jews." (Luke Harding, g_04.12.16)

  • "Architecture's high flier soars to new heights."
    -- "It has been a week of double triumph for Norman Foster ...

    The ubiquity of Foster buildings has encouraged criticism. He had been immune from this until the late 1990s." (Jonathan Glancey, g_04.12.18)

  • "A Building as a Beacon for a City's Plans"
    -- "Thom Mayne has never been a shy architect." (Nicolai Ouroussoff, nyt_04.12.08)
  • "A restless baron"
    -- " 'Well, what can I tell you that you don’t already know?' says Norman Foster, as he sits down to be interviewed." (Edwin Heathcote, ft_04.12.03)
  • "Gehry Would Blast Glare Off Los Angeles Showpiece"
    -- "The architect Frank Gehry is fully prepared to sandblast portions of the $274 million Walt Disney Concert Hall in response to a new report that found that the building's skin produced excessive glare, his Los Angeles firm said yesterday." (Robin Pogrebin, nyt_04.12.02)
  • "Each one an adventure"
    -- "They have designed some of the nation's most distinctive buildings, but Neil Durbach and Camilla Block seem wary of attempts to define their style ." (Richard Jinman, age_04.11.17)
    • "Durbach Block: quirky modernism"
      -- "And according to Neil Durbach, the first sighting of Sydney Harbour had enormous impact." (Catherine Hunter, nine_04.11.14)

  • "The End of 1960's Architecture
    -- "Baby boomers are taking revenge on the blocky, Brutalist buildings of their youth." (Fred A Bernstein, nyt_04.10.31)
  • "Born-again cathedral clinches top design prize."
    -- "It was part of a strong showing by NSW, which won 10 of the 21 awards handed out by the institute at a ceremony in Canberra." (Richard Jinman, smh_04.10.29)
  • "City risks becoming barren wasteland, top architect says."
    -- "The McMansion suburbs of Kellyville and Albion Park, where the houses dominate the blocks of land, are barren, soulless and 'a complete disaster', one of Australia's leading architects said last night." (Alexandra Smith,smh_04.10.21)
    • "Constructing the future."
      -- "Forget the past, move on ..., the leader of a new group of architectural champions tells ... " (Angela Bennie, smh_04.10.23)
    • "Greatness cannot flourish while planners rule."
      -- "Although the public dislikes many modern buildings, politicians should swallow hard and allow architects a freer hand." (Elizabeth Farrelly, smh_04.10.22)
  • "The people's palace."
    -- "Seattle is a perfect playground for world-class architects. Now Rem Koolhaas has struck career gold there with his cool glass library ..." (Deyan Sudjic, obs_04.10.17)
  • "Brouhaha over Beijing's buildings ."
    -- "Futuristic, 'built-to-thrill' designs by foreign architects are slammed by critics as being costly and impractical." (Ong Hwee Hwee, st_04.10.11)
  • "Elegant tower is a milestone in university's transformation."
    -- "The new student tower at Northeastern University, by architect William Rawn, is the most elegant high-rise in Boston since the Hancock Tower of a generation ago." (Robert Campbell, bg_04.10.10)
  • "A symbol of the Anguished Path to Self-Rule in Scotland"
    -- "Few buildings come burdened with as many expectations as those that house governments, but even among these, the new Scottish Parliament seems particularly fraught." (Nicolai Ouroussoff, nyt_04.10.09)
  • "Overseas architects challenged by Chinese culture."
    -- " 'Architecture means synthesis, not invasion,' says architect Rem Koolhaas." (cd_04.10.01)
    • "Architectural harmony."
      -- "In anticipation of the influence of architecture to change the face and lifestyle of Beijing, the 1st Architectural Biennial Beijing (ABB 2004) celebrated its opening last Monday in a ceremony at the Great Hall of the People." (Xiao Changyan, bw_04.10.01)
  • "CCTV headquarter construction starts."
    -- "Constructions of the controversial luxurious CCTV (China Television Centre) headquarter, which had been halted for nearly a year and a half, finally started last Wednesday despite the country's macro-economic control that has resulted in officials axing plans for five proposed sports venues in the Chinese capital." (Jiang Jingjing, cbw_04.09.28)
  • "Bill's New Bridge."
    -- "The Clinton presidential library in Little Rock stunningly evokes the 'bridge to the 21st century' he envisioned. And guess who kept tweaking the design?" (Cathleen McGuigan, nwk_04.09.25)
  • "'China's going to have its own Le Corbusier': Zhang Xin."
    -- "High profile architects and real estate developers are accused of using China as a place of experimentation." (Daragh Moller, btm_04.09.15)
  • "State broadcaster CCTV wins approval to build headquarters in Beijing."
    -- "The project was suspended amid macro-economic tightening measures by the government aimed at reining in over-investment in certain sectors, including construction." (afp, cna_04.09.13)
  • "Building a New Reputation Abroad."
    -- "Despite their strong architectural tradition, very few Germans get to build important projects abroad." (Kristine Ziwica, dw_04.09.09)
  • "Final six compete for architecture prize."
    -- "Britain's glitziest architecture prize is to see a battle of the outsize icons next month, pitting London's gherkin against Greater Manchester's shard, along with a needle-like spire in Dublin and a huge scrub-up of central Coventry." (Martin Wainwright, guar_04.09.10)
    • "Foster's Gherkin tipped for architecture prize."
      -- "Traditionally, the most famous building on the shortlist -- in this case undoubtly the Gherkin -- emerges as the favourite, but does not necessarily win." (Sean Clarke, guar_04.09.09)
  • "A house built with steel."
    -- "To some, it's an eyesore, but to its architect/owners, it's home -- and a beacon of the future." (Linda Matchan, bg_04.09.09)
  • "Peter Eisenman: Leone d'oro for life's work."
    -- " Sixty-two year old American architect, Peter Eisenman, is the winner of the Leone d'Oro for lifetime's work ..." (dom_04.09.09)
  • "Giving buildings body awareness."
    -- "Peter Zumthor, the visiting Swiss architect, predicts that buildings, so often harnessed to abstract fashion or corporate logo, will rediscover the needs and pleasures of the human body." (Bernard Lane, age_04.09.07)
  • "'Frontline' details battle for 9/11's sacred ground"
    -- "'Sacred Ground' is about the nasty street fight between two architects over the design of the Freedom Tower, the skyscraper meant to anchor the resurrection of New York City's Ground Zero after 9/11." (Sam Allis, bg_04.09.07)

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  • "Was It Worth It?"
    -- "After six years, interventions, delays, an almost 11-fold price increase, two deaths, resignations and an inquiry, the new Scottish parliament is at last complete. But will the new Holyrood complex ever live down its difficult birth ?" (Charles Jencks, sh_04.08.08)
  • "China suspends work on Olympics 'bird nest'"
    -- "Fancy stadium to be redesigned to lower costs as part of central government's drive to curb 'white elephant' projects." (AP, reu_04.08.05)
  • "Architecture: Signature Redundancy"
    -- "Clients insist on repeating looks that make their designers famous." (John Gallagher, fp_04.08.03)
  • "For Some German Architects, It's Easy Being Green."
    -- "But while R128 has received plenty of press coverage for its radical design, ..." (Jennifer Abramsohn, dw_04.08.01)
  • "Capt. Koolhaas Sails the New Prada Flagship"
    -- "The store opens at a time when speculation about the rise and fall of Mr. Koolhaas's fortunes is as intense as ever." (Christopher Hawthorne, nyt_04.07.15)
  • "Still a Robust Role."
    -- "To the Editor: ... Fortunately, I still stand a full 5-foot-3 inches tall." (Daniel Libeskind, nyt_04.06.27)
  • "Rem Koolhaas - Content"
    -- "The first two spreads contain adverts for Prada and Gucci and one of the first essays is titled 'The Evil Architects Do' ..." (icon_04.04.00)

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The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, commercials, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes, critical trivia, and other nonsense.

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