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The unofficial chronicle of architecture in competitions, polemics, commercials, trivia, and other nonsense.

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notoriety index

(*****) Fortune Magazine's "Architects for the 1990s"

(*****) Most debated buildings in the 1980s based on sheer volume of criticism.

  1. AT&T Corporate Headquarters, New York NY - Johnson/Burgee
  2. Bronx Development Center, Bronx NY - Richard Meier
  3. East Wing, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC - I.M. Pei
  4. Empire State Plaza, Albany NY - Harrison and Abramovitz
  5. Gehry House, Santa Monica CA - Frank O Gehry
  6. The J Paul Getty Museum, Malibu CA - Langdon Wilson Mumper
  7. Best Products Showroom, Houston TX - SITE/James Wine
  8. House VI, Cornwall CT - Peter Eisenman
  9. The Portland Building, Portland OR - Michael Graves
  10. Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan - John Portman
  11. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington DC - Maya Ying Lin
    (Tod A Marder, "The Critical Edge" 1985)

(*****) Most debated buildings in the 1970s based on P/A's Letters to the Editor

  1. Piazza d'Italia, New Orleans, August Perez/Charles Moore
  2. Yale Center for British Art, New Haven - Louis Kahn
  3. House VI, Cornwall CT - Peter Eisenman
  4. Auraria Learning Center, CF Murphy/Helmut Jahn
  5. Pearl Palace, Taliesin Assoc.
  6. Bronx Development Center, Bronx NY - Richard Meier
  7. Pembroke Dormitory, MLTW/Moore Lyndon Turnbull
  8. House III, - Peter Eisenman
  9. Douglas House, - Richard Meier
  10. Penn State Faculty Club, - Venturi & Rauch

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    "One can imagine Johnson running for president but never Charles Moore, Bruce Goff, Michael Graves or Robert Venturi ... He has the acceptable public image; they, more serious and creative architects ... are too easily identifiable with one subculture or another." (Jencks C, "Epigrams on Philip Cortelyou Johnson," ad_Aug/Sep79)

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    The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes and critical trivia.

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