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  • "Grollo's tower gets mixed reviews"
    -- "The world's tallest building has won approval from State Cabinet, but it gets mixed signals from architects and the community." (Hawes R, Pegler T, 98.12.08)

  • "Tallest skyscraper planned in Australia"
    -- " ... The original design was prepared by leading Australian architect Harry Seidler, but its slanting rooftop solar panels and square shape did not please Grollo. ... The Seidler model was matched against a design by architects Denton, Corker, and Marshall, and the public was asked to decide in a poll." (Schmetzer U, ct_98.12.01)

    • "Will the Grollo Tower overshadow a sunny past?"
      -- "Despite the gamesmanship of city rivalry by which Sydneysiders have tried to depress us about Melbourne's weather, the truth is our CBD streets trap more sun during the central hours of each day than Sydney streets." (Molesworth S, age_98.12.11)

    • "Etiquette and the giant obelisk"
      -- "... Probably not since the days of Yuncken Freeman in the 1960s and 70s has a single architectural practice had a bigger impact on the way our city will look for generations to come." (Rollo J, age_98.12.11)

    • "Tallest tower threat to air traffic"
      -- "an embarrassing day for Melbourne" (Kim Dovey, associate professor of architecture and urban design at Melbourne University, in smh_98.12.08)

    • " The tall storeys of Grollo's world"
      -- "It took four years of grind, numerous re-thinks and a skin thickened against ridicule." (Bachelard M, _98.12.08)

    • "Concerns over loss of historic railway sheds"
      -- "State Government approval of the tower overrides refusals by Heritage Victoria and an independent planning panel appointed by the Planning Minister, Mr Rob Maclellan." (Watkins S, age_98.12.07)

  • "Five Exciting New Projects"
    -- "Bold Developers See Opportunities in Big Cities World-Wide ... to reclaim run-down districts or boost growth." (Sandler L, wsj_98.12.02)

  • "A Starck vision for hotels"
    -- "People can copy, but they'll never reach our level of sophistication or our level of rigorness ... Where is the fire, the life, the love, the humor? Not the car, not the house, not the Philippe Starck chair." (usat_98.11.30)

  • "Regent and King in a Procession of New Forms"
    -- "Frank Gehry has changed Philip Johnson's place in history ... But I'm glad the Atlantic City casino project on which the two conspired for Steve Wynn came to nothing. The only way it could have worked was if they had made it out of sand and let it wash away." (Herbert Muschamp, nyt_98.11.29)


  • "Scottish History Has a New Home in Edinburgh"
    -- "Billions of years of Scottish history have been distilled into ..." (Kent P, nyt_98.11.29)


  • "Moment of truth for art gallery contenders"
    -- "The winning design for Christchurch's new art gallery will be announced today. Here the five finalists outline their vision for the project." (p/nz_98.11.25)


  • "Maharishi to build 2,222 foot building"
    -- "... the building is being designed to hold a series of 30-story interior chambers to allow flowers and natural elements to be sustained within the structure ..." (Bey L, cst_98.11.17)

    • "High Hopes in Jabalpur, India"
      -- "... the structure was designed to be so high not because the Maharishi wanted it to be the tallest tower in the world, but 'to reflect the high principal to which this building is dedicated.' ..." (O'Connell A, nwk_98.11.20)

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The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes and critical trivia.

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