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Washington DC
Brandenburg Gate
Pudong Shanghai
Kuala Lumpur 1
Medina, Seattle
Las Vegas
Kuala Lumpur 2
  • "Manchester Is Rising From the Rubble"
    "In Manchester, England, shoppers don't hit the mall; they nip to the proverbial 'Superloo,' a 1.3 million-square-foot shopping center that has long been ridiculed for an immense exterior of pale yellow tale -- a favorite only in public restrooms." (Holt ND, wsj_98.12.23)

  • "Big Board Reaches Accord to Stay in New York"
    -- "The New York Stock Exchange struck an agreement with the city and state of New York to build its first major new facility in a century while staying in its historic lower-Manhattan neighborhood." (Ip G, Kirkpatrick DD, wjs_98.12.23)

  • "Robert C. Johnston, Engineer, Is Dead at 85"
    "... Mr Johnston was a master in managing the designs of excavations and foundation construction for some of the city's grandest buildings. ...
    In a society that lionizes architects, marine and foundation engineering may not seem like a glamorous calling. ..." (Thomas RM, nyt_98.12.19)

  • "Four Oranges in urbanism harvest"
    -- "Save Montreal's awards for good and bad architecture and urban design ..." (Theodore D, mg_98.12.19)

  • "Swiss firm to design UT art museum"
    -- " 'This will be a place for dialogue about art,' said Jacques Herzog, the most public member of the firm, based in Basel, Switzerland. ...
    Herzog's best-known American building, designed with business partner Pierre de Meuron, is a winery of enmeshed rocks in California's Napa Valley ... Time magazine's 10 Best of 1998 Design." (Barnes M, aas_98.12.18)

  • " 'Virtual Officing' Comes in From the Cold"
    -- "The advertising agency that urges Apple Computer buyers to 'Think Different' is once again on the cusp of an evolution in workplace design. ... But how innovative is the new office? ..." (Anderton F, nyt_98.12.17)

  • "Touching The Sky - Towering egos"
    -- "Edifice complex or second-city syndrome? ... here is Australia's second city saying: 'I'm just as good as Sydney.'" (Glancey J, grdn/smh_98.12.16)


  • "German Holocaust Museum Under Fire"
    -- "A German Jewish leader has rejected a new government proposal to build a Holocaust museum in Berlin instead of a long-debated national memorial ... 'This proposal sets back the debate for years and points it in the wrong direction,' said Michel Friedman, board member of the Central Council of Jews in Germany." (ap_98.12.16)

    • "Berlin Holocaust Memorial: Version 2"
      -- "Schroeder Picks 'Interactive' Complex to Replace Kohl Sculpture Park" (Drozdiak W, iht_98.12.15)

    • "Berlin Rethinks Memorial Plan"
      -- "Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's government unveiled a completely new design ... ... Holocaust Center Proposed Instead of Monumental Park ... " (Drozdiak W, wp_98.12.15)   *** previous   + m o r e


  • "Lowdown on buildings that won't top Grollo"
    -- "Shanghai's promised 95-storey World Financial Centre, which would have been the world's tallest building at 460m, has already been shelved and no one is taking seriously plans by Transcendental Meditation's Maharishi Yogi to build a 677m pyramid skyscraper in India." (Dunlevy M, age_98.12.12)

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The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes and critical trivia.

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