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The chronicle of architecture in competitions, polemics, commercials, trivia, and other nonsense.

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unbuilt works, on-going works, built works revisited -- new competitions, pre-qualifications, competition results, exhibitions, reviews -- delicious tidbits, appalling statistics, useless scholarship
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(*****) back in the news

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E b l o i d
x p r e s s

(*****) over-hyped projects in general press  
  • Scholastic Inc. Building, SoHo New York NY 1996 -- Aldo Rossi


  • Louis Vuitton Tower, 17-21 E 57th St (19 East 57th Street), Manhattan, New York 1996 -- Christian de Portzamparc, Hillier Group
        24 stories
        known as LVMH Moet Hennessey Louis Vuitton Tower (under construction, nyt_98.09.13)
    LVMH, French consortium: Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennesy, Christian Dior, Dom Perignon, Givenchy, Guerlain

    • Dior Boutique -- Peter Marino


  • The Austrian Cultural Institute, East 52d St between Fifth and Madison Ave, New York 1995 -- Raimund Abraham
      East 52nd St between Fifth and Madison Ave
      ~ground breaking scheduled Nov98 (nyt_98.09.13)


v e d e t t e   b a n k   c u r r e n c y   i n d e x

f r i e n d l y   p l u g s
(*****) manic-ly promoted, in architectural press

  • Dusseldorfer Stadttor building, Dusseldorf 1991-1997 -- Petzinka, Pink and Partners  
  • The Slow House, North Haven Point, Long Island NY 1990 -- Diller + Scofidio


(*****) massively-ballyhooed, in architectural - and general - press

ambushed -- h o s t i l e   f i r e
(*****) intensely scrutinized, in general - and architectural - press  
  • National Library of France, Paris 1989-1998 -- Dominique Perrault
  • Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery, London 1986-1991 -- Venturi Scott Brown and Associates
  • The Louvre, Museum Extension, Paris 1983 -- Ieoh Ming Pei


o f f   t h e   r a d a r
(*****) shunning publicity  
  • Berlin - Ludwig Leo
  • "Z" Bank, Vienna - Gunther Domenig


f r o z e n   o u t / NFO
(*****) shunned out -- not friends of ...
t h e   t h o u g h t   p o l i c e

s u p e r m o d e l
c a r d b o a r d a n i s t a s

u l t i m a t e   m e d i a   h y p e

b_a_r_e_l_y -- buildings on frontpages/frontcovers of general press

p e n u l t i m a t e   h y p e

barely drawn -- on coverpages of non-architectural/design/art press - prior to construction

  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain 1997 - Frank O. Gehry
    $100 mil; 257,000 sf, 112,000 sf of exhibition space; 5,000 ton steel frame, 322,966 sf of Australian titanium, at least "100 trial forms"; $160 mil, 24 billion peseta (r_97.10.xx); opened 18_Oct97

    {also ran: Coop Himmelblau, Arata Isozaki}



d u s t - i n d e x

barely built -- on trade rag covers - prior to occupation


p e e r   p r e s s u r e

barely dry -- trade rag blankets

  • Vitra Fire Station, Weil am Rhein, Germany 1991-1993 -- Zaha Hadid
  • Waterloo International "chunnel" Terminal, Waterloo Station, London 1988-1993 - Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners
  • MoCA, Los Angeles -- Arata Isozaki
  • Lloyd Building, London UK - Richard Rogers


c o v e r   b ' s

upon completion



a r c h i t e c t u r e  -   f o r   -   a d v e r t i s e m e n t

  • "ABSOLUT GRAVES" - (Michael Graves 1997 for Absolut Vodka)

  • "Saying HP can build an NT server is a little like saying Frank Lloyd Wright can build a bungalow" (FLW [ ? ] 1997 for Hewlett Packard)

  • "A Landmark Residence On The American Riviera." - (Michael Graves 1997 for 1500 Ocean Drive condominium, South Beach, Miami)
  • "Imagine the perfect space . . . Architecture is like calligraphy. The power isn't in the structure, it's in the space around it." - (Shin Takamatsu 1996 for Northwest Airlines)

  • "all vision   all art   all plan." - (Shin Takamatsu 1996 for Nemetschek)

  • "The Significance of Classic Structures." - (Michael Graves 1994 for Dexter Shoes)

genius =

i s

--   r a n d o m   f o r t n i g h t l y   s n a p s h o t   --

(*****) frivolous, exquisite
home and garden


(*****) more frivolous, exquisite


c o m p e t i t i o n s
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