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Competition organizers are welcome to submit their announcements here for wider distribution. (All submissions are subject to the editorial discretion. BBZine reserves the right to exclude those competitions that do not meet its guidelines and is not responsible for the accuracy or bona fide of those it chooses to announce.)

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*** aust_97.08.06
*** smh_00.04.26

[Federation Square, Melbourne]
  • artistic paranoia
    "Professor Neville Quarry, the Sydney architect who was one of the jury members, told Joe Rollo that removal of the shards would 'emasculate the scheme' and 'bastardise the competition system'." (Geraldine O'Brien, smh_00.04.26)

    • political caprice
      "I must say that I find the politics of this 11th hour intervention beyond comprehension. There was no popular revolt or groundswell against the project, only the isolated voice of opposition of the National Trust who, many of us believe, would not recognise good contemporary architecture or urban design if it hit them over the head." (Leonie Sandercock, associate dean at Walker's Faculty of Architecture at Melbourne University, Geraldine O'Brien, smh_00.04.26)


  • Tin Man
    "LAB architect Mr Donald Bates said: 'One idea was that Melbourne needed something to rival the Opera House in Sydney.' He opted instead for a square of buildings arranged like random, crystalline shards of zinc, sandstone and glass." (Dixon R, smh_98.07.07)

  • pollster
    "The high-profile pollster Mr Gary Morgan described the project that will transform the heart of Melbourne as 'the building of a modern concrete jungle blocking out St Paul's Cathedral and turn-of-the-century Flinders with a maze of toasters and slicers.' ...

    'It's a shocker,' he said of the design. He had not met anyone who liked it and he had written to the Planning Minister, Mr Rob Maclellan, to tell him so." (Watkins S, Green S, Birnbauer B, age_98.06.18)

  • rubbery cost
    "The design has had a mostly favorable response from architects. Professor Dimity Reed, professor of urban design at RMIT, said while there was debate over aspects of the design, there was widespread support for the project." (Watkins S, Green S, Birnbauer B, age_98.06.18)


  • shardline 1
    "Although the present design would not satisfy everybody, claims about the obscuring of views were subjective and a time came when 'you have to draw a line in the sand and get on with it." (The Lord Mayor, Cr Ivan Deveson, who voted for the project, in Watkins S, Green S, age_98.06.18)

  • shardline 2
    "Most architects that I've spoken to don't object to the shards. Something had to happen." (Associate Professor Kim Dovey, of Melbourne University's architecture, in Watkins S, Green S, age_98.06.18)


  • bucket
    "Sydney architect Tone Wheeler, one of 176 unsuccessful bidders, made the criticism when London-based architects Donald Bates and Peter Davidson outlined their vision for the project ... 'more to do with current architectural fashion than a unique response' ... ... 'It definitely lacks the 'wow' factor,' said one architect who preferred not to be named.'". (McCulloch S, "Losing Architect Buckets Winner" - aust_97.08.06)

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