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new commissions  for mass media consumption

[Miami Heat Basketball Arena, Miami]   *** hEadlines

[363 George Street Tower, Sydney]   *** hEadlines

(*****) contested projects in general press

*** ap_98.08.10
*** nyt_98.06.04
*** r_98.04.15

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[German Holocaust Memorial, Berlin]
  • dominant
    "Mr. Diepgen has argued that the memorial is too big and impossible to protect." (Roger Cohen, nyt/iht_00.01.18)
  • thousands of concrete stele
    "Whether such a huge, heavy-handed memorial should actually be built in central Berlin remains a legitimate question." (Benjamin Forgey, wp_00.01.09)
  • variety store
    "Friedman insisted a memorial was the more powerful form of remembrance. The government was proposing a 'variety store' that 'ultimately lacks content,' he said in a telephone interview." (ap_98.12.16)
  • grandiose-watch
    "Critics lambasted the model by architect Peter Eisenman and sculptor Richard Serra as gigantic and too abstract to convey the powerful symbolism behind the murder of 6 million European Jews. Michael Naumann, Schroeder's designated culture minister, has scorned the concept as a 'wreath dumping ground' whose grandiose scale recalls the projects of Hitler's favorite architect, Albert Speer.

    In its place, Naumann said he now envisions a memorial museum that would feature a garden for contemplation, a research library, an exhibition hall and a 'genocide-watch' institute that would alert the world to potential mass slaughters in regional flash points." (Drozdiak W, wp_98.12.15)

  • aesthetic
    "The Jewish community has expressed little enthusiasm about current plans for the monument, but leaders have said it is better for a mediocre design to be built than for Germany to back down from building it." (Berger D, jta_98.07.26)
  • publisher
    "Michael Naumann, a New York-based publisher, told a Berlin radio station that the memorial reminded him of the grandiose buildings of Adolf Hitler's favorite architect, Albert Speer, who created such gigantic tributes to German glory as the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. ...

    The head of Germany's Central Council of Jews, Ignatz Bubis, criticized Naumann's stance in yesterday's Tagesspiegel newspaper.
    'If that is supposed to be the big vision of the culture man in the federal government, all I can say is: poor culture,' Bubis said." (Geitner P, ap/pi_98.07.22)

  • "a tempest in a teapot"
    "Lea Rosh, head of the nonprofit organization that has lobbied for a Holocaust museum since 1988, said Mr Serra's decision would not cause a problem." (Andrews EL, nyt_98.06.04)
  • grave
    "Of the four designs on the short list, Kohl favors one by New York-based architect Peter Eisenman and sculptor Richard Serra. They envisage creating a graveyard-like labyrinth of 4,000 concrete pillars up to 24 feet tall." (r_98.04.15)

i n   c o n t e s t

d e p a r t u r e   L o u n g e
p r e m a t u r e   l a n d i n g

[Cardiff Bay Opera House, Cardiff]

l o s t   &   f o u n d


t a x i n g   ------ recent w i n n e r s ------
paid-to-win :   invited beauty contests

[Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati]   *** hEadlines

d e - i c e d ------ F I R S T   P R I Z E
w i n n e r s
  under construction

b a g g a g e   r o o m -- have won & going ahead ...

b a g g a g e   c l a i m -- have won & still waiting ...

n o w   s h o w i n g

next showing

t r a v e l   g u i d e   --   d e b u t s   &   r e d u x   --
recently opened, opening soon

[Signal Hill Golf Center]

[Terminal One, Kennedy Airport]

[Stade de France, Paris]

t a k i n g - o f f  -- (un-?-er-markable)
n o t e d   p r o j e c t s

currently under construction/recently completed

(*****) in-prints a n d  being built
(propaganda machine$ at work ...)

i n a u g r a l   s p i n s

arch after the fact / better late than ... / better built than ... / better bad than ...
opening ceremonies / company press releases

p l u m   j o b s


D u s t   J a c k e t
G R E A T   E x p e c t a t i o n s

g o n e ________________
s t e a l t h

c o n s p i c u o u s l y   m i s s i n g


i.E. famous w o r k i n g d r a w i n g s

c o v e r t   c o n s t r u c t i o n s

(*****)   B - E - l - o - v - e- d ---- under construction / recently completed
(over - exposed ) p o p - buildings in general press


r e a l   e_s t a t e
i n   a l t e r e d   s t a t e s

(*****)back in the news

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(*****) much hyped projects in general press

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