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*** nyt_97.12.18
*** pi_97.10.11
*** ap_97.09.26
*** r_97.09.18

[-] Microsoft-at-Sea
[-] Silicon Valley

[-] fish knife
[-] Thierry W Despont

[Bill Gates House, Seattle]
  • ensconced
    "the funerary temple of Hatshepsut ... (buy the book, tour it on CD-ROM)." (Patricia Leigh Brown , nyt_97.08.04)

  • gates keeping
    "For 1998 taxes, the county assessed the property at $53,392,000 ... The figure is based on construction costs ... but Gates has argued it might be more realistic to base it on what he could get for the property should he sell it. ...

    Last year, with workers still swarming over the construction site, the property was valued at about $33.4 million. According to county records, Gates' property tax for 1997 came to $388,830. At that tax rate, his 1998 tax would be $620,714.

    In contrast, an average-sized tract home in Seattle valued at $124,900 carries an annual tax of $1,663." ("Gates Challenges House Assessment," Tibbits G, ap_97.09.26)


  • gates moving in
    Gates originally estimated the house would take two or three years to build and cost up to $10 million, but design changes stretched out the job and its price tag. ..."
    (Tibbits G, ap_97.09.26)

  • life 95
    "the house had been under construction for 'what seems like most of my life' ...'' (Bill Gates, "The Road Ahead.")
    -- "While the Gateses are moving in from their nearby temporary quarters, final construction of their new house is not expected to be completed until the end of the year." (r_97.09.18)
  • House on a Lake
    "Originally, Mr Gates had hired a young local ... who presented Mr Gates, then a bachelor, with .. a lodge design that proposed incorporating full-grown tress and fossils.

    After Mr Gates married, he and his wife started looking for an interior designer to ease up on the he-man imagery within and make it more comfy ... Enter Mr Despont ... adding a rotunda adjacent to the four-story grand staircase, cutting off the beam ends and adding mouldings.

    'There was a boldness of invention, a tastelessness of the nouveau riche ...' he said enthusing about the reign of Louis XIV." (Iovine JV, nyt_97.12.18)

m o r e   C E L E B - A R C H
feed the masses . . .


[Villa Simonyi]
  • bill envy
    "Say, Charles, is this cyberia competition for your boss Bill?"
    "I don't talk about his house ... I talk about mine." (Charles Simonyi, 'Microsoft's chief software wizzard,' nwk_97.08.04)

  • more
r e a l   e_s t a t e
i n   a l t e r e d   s t a t e s

(*****) back in the news


*** aaus_99.07

  [King George Tower (American Express Tower) remodelling, Sydney -- Rice Daubney Group, James Fitzpatrick ]

  • polycarbonate
    "As an alternate member of the Central Sydney Planning Committee, I was part of the vote that rejected the original DA and was subsequently a member of a subcommittee established to negotiate changes to the application." (Peter Mould, in aaus_99.07.00)

  • forest of columns
    "...the two aspects of Andrews' building that were most celebrated-the public spaces and the signature sunshading-are gone ...
    Sydney has a sad tradition of demolishing great 20th century buildings ..." (Peter Mould, aaus_99.07.00)

Cameron Offices


*** smh_97.04.09
  • denuded tone
    "completed in 1976, it was hailed by the architectural profession as state-of-the-art ... breaking new ground ... one of the few Australian office towers to make it into Sir Banister Fletcher's centenary edition of A History of Architecture, and one of only 29 Australian buildings pictured in the respected tone ... Now the building is being denuded of its most distinctive feature, its sunscreen ..." (Anne Susskind, "Architect sees red as his prized '60s baby is 'updated'," smh_97.04.09)
  • vandal's guts
    "To add insult to injury ... the refurbishment is to be the work of Rice Daubney, designers of the pink and blue Coopers & Lybrand office tower, which Mr Andrews says has 'no depth, no guts, no idea ...' " (Anne Susskind, smh_97.04.09)
  • pink and blue
    "Sydney would put a moustache on Mona Lisa if there was money in it." (John Andrews, in Anne Susskind, smh_97.04.09)

marg in x s


[King George Tower, Sydney -- John Andrews]

  • imaginative speculation
    "This is arguably the most imaginative speculative office building in the world. You may not think it beautiful, but ..." (ar_78.09)

marg in x s

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