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Welsh Assembly

  • "Amid Setbacks"
    "... Richard Rogers's projects have repeatedly run into difficulties, above all in Britain. His scheme for a vast covered arcade of offices linking Waterloo Station with the city of London was defeated by opposition from local community groups. His plans to extend the National Gallery were rejected. His remarkable 'wave' glass roof for the South Bank arts complex was cancelled as prices for the whole complex rose to more than £200 million.

    Many of his completed buildings have engendered equal controversy. The oil refinery ethic -- and dark interiors -- of the Lloyd's building in the city was so unpopular that the occupants nearly voted to move out. ... In France huge sheets of glass in the Bourdeaux law courts cracked because contractors had fixed them too tightly.

    The practice has suffered from bad publicity over the Millenium Dome ...

    The Rogers practice is now at the peak of its powers and ability, producing designs of exceptional grace, transparency and elegance. ..." (Marcus Binney, lt_01.07.19)



  • "Of babies and bathwater"
    -- "I read with interest the news about Eisenman's Wexner Center needing a $10 million renovation/retrofit after only 10 years. I was appalled.

    My immediate reaction was that the building should be demolished." (Lynn A Javoroski, CSI Milwaukee Chapter President, Department of Public Works, Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Serives Division Milwaukee, in Letters, arec_01.07)


  • "art-friendly"
    -- "As well as facing some physical circulation problems, the 12-year-old structure has leaking curtain walls, and its skylights and windows are letting damaging amounts of sunlight into its galleries." (arch_01.07)

w h a t e v e r
  • "Foster, Inc."
    -- "Of all Foster's curved forms the commonest is one we will politely called a mandala, although other names are suggested by its use, in the practice's Cardiff Bay Opera House submission, to form a lake fringed with hairy vegetation." (Peter Popham, Rowan Moore, blp_94.10)

  • m o r e

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