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crisis in architecture
airport aesthetic

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    "Throughout his career Norman Foster has been almost miraculously exempt from criticism; found not guilty of library roofs that leak or estates that get vandalised ... the re-roofing of his Milton Keynes housing and recladding of the Sainsbury Center. ...

    But the vast success of the company has it cost. Style has hardened into mannerism. Inspiration has been replaced by formulae. ...

    Perhaps to jolly up the formula, perhaps in deference to the wave of funny shapes now sweeping through the world of architecture, Foster is increasingly relying on ... curves and oblique angles to make his project interesting. Again and again, and on slender pretexts, the ITN graph paper is formed into whoops and loops in plan and sliced through by acutely angled walls or roofs. ...

    Just as he would never have imitated himself, the old Foster would have scorned such superficial and ultimately unconvinving devices ..." (Peter Popham, Rowan Moore, blp_94.10)

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    The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes and critical trivia.

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