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*** g_04.12.18

hairy vegetation
meretricious shapes

[airport aesthetic]
  • totally 'British'
    "I would say to Lord Foster, 'Bring back your good old-fashioned spatial inventiveness, and less icon-making, please.'..." (Malay-born CJ Lim, one of the most imaginative rising stars of British architecture, in Jonathan Glancey, g_04.12.18)

  • refined quality
    "When we began our studies in the late 1980s, Foster's most innovative work was already behind him. We saw him as an establishment figure, offering a guaranteed brand ..." (Richard Scott of Surface, another talented young practice, in Jonathan Glancey, g_04.12.18)



*** nyt_04.12.02

    [pushing the envelope]

  • The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
    " 'We are absolutely dealing with it,' said Terry Bell, a Gehry partner who was the project architect and manager for the hall, which opened in downtown Los Angeles to great fanfare in October 2003.

    The work would cost $180,000, Mr. Bell said, including site and crane access, insurance and bonding." (Robin Pogrebin, nyt_04.12.02)

  • small part
    "Other Gehry projects have had similar problems. His $62 million swirly building for the business school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland has been likened to a tanning mirror and sent snow and ice sliding off the sloping stainless-steel roof onto the heads of pedestrians below." (Robin Pogrebin, nyt_04.12.02)

  • sun angles
    "The wood floor in Mr. Gehry's Condé Nast cafeteria in New York was replaced with terrazzo two years ago because it was a hazard to high-heeled shoes." (Robin Pogrebin, nyt_04.12.02)

  • seasonal
    "Three years after Mr. Gehry's celebrated Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, opened in 1997, brown stains on the titanium exterior provoked embarrassment and finger-pointing. Mr. Gehry said at the time that it was simply a matter of cleaning." (Robin Pogrebin, nyt_04.12.02)

  • Promenade Condominiums
    "A 75-foot copper-clad trellis, the signature element on a plant Mr. Gehry designed for the furniture maker Herman Miller in Rocklin, Calif., was torn down in the late 1990's because of a leak. Mr. Gehry insisted the flaw was in the execution and not in his design." (Robin Pogrebin, nyt_04.12.02)

  • Moses' beard
    "The glare from Disney Hall emanates from the northwest corner of the project, called the Founders Room, which is clad in a mirror-polished stainless steel. ... The CalArts Theater marquee on the building is also problematic. ...

    Sandblasting would dull the finish so that it resembles the exterior of the rest of the building, which is brushed steel. " (Robin Pogrebin, nyt_04.12.02)

  • bump the envelope
    "Mr. Schiler, a professor at the University of Southern California's School of Architecture who also has a consulting business, said his findings had been met with 'no unusual resistance' from the architects. 'Architects always have strong opinions,' he said." (Robin Pogrebin, nyt_04.12.02)

  • elevated heat levels
    " 'I never had a thermometer; I don't think anyone did a scientific analysis,' Mr. Bell said" (Robin Pogrebin, nyt_04.12.02)

  • m o r e


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