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Architecture in competitions, commercials, polemics, propaganda, trivia, and other nonsense.

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Competition organizers are welcome to submit their announcements here for wider distribution.

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*** st_03.11.23

[BBC Music Centre, London]
  • brave face
    "They'd just had the final interview ... An announcement was due. The phone hadn't rung. That, in the sudden-death-or-glory world of the architectural competition, was that. They knew the signs, they said gloomily: they hadn't won it." (Hugh Pearman, st_03.11.23)

  • chin up, eh?
    "I lamely suggested that the phone would probably ring the moment I walked out of the door." (Hugh Pearman, st_03.11.23)

  • disgracefully young
    "Both are in their late thirties, and the general rule of this business is that you get only scraps to do until you're 40." (Hugh Pearman, st_03.11.23)

  • batting-for-Britain
    "But it might seem odd to some, when you consider the intellectual position that Foreign Office Architects adopts." (Hugh Pearman, st_03.11.23)

  • a touch paradoxical
    "They met at Harvard, worked together initially at Rem Koolhaas's office in Rotterdam ..." (Hugh Pearman, st_03.11.23)

  • placating with aplomb
    "MINA! You have eaten the purple icing on your cake and left the rest. You are a bad girl!" (Hugh Pearman, st_03.11.23)

  • limbo
    "Competitions are the lifeblood of FOA. As with many a practice that got its first big break that way, they admit they are addicted to them, to the intensity of work involved." (Hugh Pearman, st_03.11.23)

  • global branding
    "They choose to tackle each job from first principles, as if they had landed from Mars and were suddenly handed the job of building something ... But now, looking back, they realize that there are recognizable FOA ways of doing things." (Hugh Pearman, st_03.11.23)

  • FOA's Ark
    "What kind of animals, what species, have we been collecting in various places over these ten years? All architects have animals they nurture." (Alejandro Zaera Polo, Hugh Pearman, st_03.11.23)

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The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, commercials, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes, critical trivia, and other nonsense.

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