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*** dw_04.09.09

["Deutschlandscape" - Postwar German Architecture]
  • buffs
    "But more recently, contemporary German architects have gone largely unnoticed, particularly abroad. Fewer than two percent are offered work beyond their country's borders, despite the fact that German exports in other fields are otherwise hot sellers." (Kristine Ziwica, dw_04.09.09)

  • inheritors
    "How did German architecture, which with Bauhaus and the so-called "new objectivity" was once among the most forward-thinking in the world, fall so far from grace?" (Kristine Ziwica, dw_04.09.09)

  • reel off
    "For some, the explanation is simple: postwar German engineering, while highly regarded for its durability and quality, has simply become 'unsexy.'" (Kristine Ziwica, dw_04.09.09)

  • legacy
    "It's true foreigners think German architecture is technically proficient, but lacks charm and espirit -- it's too down-to-earth." (Thomas Weller, the director of the NAX initiative, in Kristine Ziwica, dw_04.09.09)

  • colonial past
    "Germans don't build Lamborghinis, they build Porsches and Mercedes." (Ingeborg Flagge, a curator at the Frankfurt-based German Architecture Museum (DAM), in Kristine Ziwica, dw_04.09.09)

  • single root
    "And not only are German architects not recognized elsewhere, they suffer from a lack of name recognition at home." (Kristine Ziwica, dw_04.09.09)

  • distinctive brand
    "German architects' low-profile and unwillingness to tackle the question of 'what should be considered 'German' in the world of design' is largely due to the historical legacy of predecessors ..." (Jens Ludloff, a partner at Sauerbruch Hutton, in Kristine Ziwica, dw_04.09.09)

*** dom_04.09.09

[Leone d'oro, Venice]
  • metamorph
    "Sixty-two year old American architect, Peter Eisenman, is the winner of the Leone d'Oro for lifetime's work at the Ninth International Architecture exhibition directed by Kurt W. Forster, that opens at the end of the week." (dom_04.09.09)

*** obs_04.12.19

  • preoccupation on numbers
    "After a lifetime presenting architecture as an intellectual challenge, rather than a physical, material one, Eisenman, at 72, has finally, perhaps even reluctantly, turned into a public figure. At the Venice architecture biennale this summer, he collected the golden lion for lifetime achievement."





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The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes and critical trivia.

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