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The chronicle of architecture in competitions, polemics, commercials, trivia, and other nonsense.

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unbuilt works, on-going works, built works revisited -- new competitions, pre-qualifications, competition results, exhibitions, reviews -- delicious tidbits, appalling statistics, useless scholarship
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  • "Modern Tate of the nation"
    -- "Smile! It's the millennium. It's the era of happy-clappy, one-hit architecture, of wipe-clean glass, stainless steel and Teflon, of white paint and soaring, swooping, curving buildings ..." (Rowan Moore, les_99.11.30)

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  • "Standing tall without balls"
    -- "It's started up again. The great Viagra debate. ..." (Hill K, Nicholas G, smh_98.12.09)   *** m o r e

  • "Toil and Trouble in a Modernist's Plexi-Land"
    -- "Modernism can be dangerous. Just ask Cremilda Conceicao, whose forehead and sweat pants bear the battle scars of 14 years of cleaning the see-through elevator, transparent sinks and 17 levels of Plexiglas walkways and mirrored I-beams that snake bewilderingly ..." (Patricia Leigh-Brown, nyt_98.12.03)

  • "Hue and cry over Canberra's 'Disneyland' museum"
    -- "Garish colourings and an "Expo-style" architectural design have stirred a last-gasp stand by opponents of the site chosen for the $150 million National Museum of Australia project in Canberra." (Hogarth M, smh_98.11.09)

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The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes and critical trivia.

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