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Washington DC
Brandenburg Gate
Pudong Shanghai
Medina Seattle
Las Vegas
Kuala Lumpur
  • "New York Starts to Look Beyond Its Past - The Architecture List"
    -- "The building ... isn't weighted with undue philosophical meaning. It's a pousse-cafe with changing colors that wash across a faceted crystal facade. A nos amours!" (Herbert Muschamp, nyt_99.12.26)
  • "Turning Points Of A Century: Architecture A Spatial Time in History; From Designers, Bold Attempts to Square Form With Function & New Aesthetics"
    -- "Still, there was a certain smugness at work in postmodernism, and the '90s have been a wonderful relief." (Benjamin Forgey, wp_99.12.26)
  • "Crystal Corridor in the City of Glass"
    -- "The MetLife (formerly Pan Am) Building at the foot of Park Avenue is one of the worst disasters ever to befall the New York cityscape. ... But Kivi Sotamaa, a young Finnish architect who is not mad, dumb or sensationalistic ..." (Herbert Muschamp, nyt_99.12.24)
  • "Telfair resubmits plan for building - New design features smaller bridge, less glass."
    -- "Tempers flared, both among downtown residents and review board members, about the appropriateness of a modern building on a historic square." (Kate Wiltrout, smn_99.12.24)
  • "Life Throws Morris Lapidus a Few Good Curves"
    -- "The details of architecture don't interest me anymore." (Joseph Giovannini, nyt_99.12.23)
  • "From Egypt to Europe To Ohio, a CEO Finds A Place to Call Home"
    -- "Then there's the Model Room - a sprawling space dedicated to scale models of every factory Goodyear has anywhere in the world." (Timothy Aeppel, wsj_99.12.22)
  • "As if Lend Lease Wasn't Big Enough Already"
    -- "The parent company was founded in Sydney in 1958 as a construction company by Dick Dusseldorp, a Dutch native looking to capitalize on the post-World War II boom in Australia." (Barbara Martinez, wsj_99.12.22)


  • "From Big Ben to Top Ten"
    -- "In the absence of the real thing, the careful replica we now have is equally striking ...

    Also, despite inconveniences and technical defects attributable to companies which, for legal reasons, cannot be named. ..." (Rowan Moore, les_99.12.22)


  • "Space Travel in a Loft"
    -- "Among her fans, the famously demanding architect Peter Eisenman called her 'a very talented, highly energetic and motivated person.'
    'She's the pulse of the moment,' he added. " (Christopher Mason, nyt_99.12.23)


  • "The best of the century"
    -- "The villa plays an in-house modernist joke: it is an upside-down classical villa, with colonnade on the ground, where it is usual to find a solid base, the base floating in the air, and the garden on the roof." (Lindsay Bremner et al, st_99.12.19)
  • "1999 Best and Worst"
    -- "Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Inherit the Wind" (Anthony Spaeth, t_99.12.20)
  • "From the Bauhaus to Bilbao, ideas made architecture"
    -- "10 milestones in a century's architecture" (Robert Campbell, bg_99.12.19)

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The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes and critical trivia.

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