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The chronicle of architecture in competitions, polemics, commercials, trivia, and other nonsense.

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Washington DC
Brandenburg Gate
Pudong Shanghai
Medina Seattle
Las Vegas
Kuala Lumpur
  • "Dome: What the architects really think"
    -- "Having signed fierce confidentiality clauses in their contracts, some designers are reluctant to be quoted ..." (Rowan Moore, les_00.10.11)

    • "Nomura favourite to buy UK's Millennium Dome-paper"
      -- "Guy Hands, managing director of Nomura's principal finance division, has put in a bid of about 100 million pounds, which compares to the 758 million pounds ($1.24 billion) spent building the Dome for London's millennium celebrations, Sunday Business said. " (r_00.01.09)

  • "French Elegance Hits Midtown Manhattan"
    -- ".... the best new building in New York - not by small degrees but by the equivalent of a jump-shot to the moon." (Ada Louise Huxtable, wsj_00.01.10)   + more
  • "The thin green line"
    -- "I don't see myself as a developer in terms of someone who wears white shoes, drives flashy cars and is a real bastard ... I am not like that ..." (Ken Latona, award-winning architect, in Libby Lester, ann_00.01.09)
  • Transforming Berlin: Rebuilding This Capital City ..."
    -- "It seems almost as if every square meter of the sprawling city--Berlin covers seven times as much territory as Washington--has been bought, sold, discussed, designed, defended, attacked, redesigned and, ultimately, transformed." (Benjamin Forgey, wp_00.01.09)   + more
  • "10 Buildings We Love To Hate"
    -- "Man, the 20th century had some ugly moments." (Gers Kuntzman, Paula Doneman, nyp_00.01.09)
    • "The Apple of Our Eyes"
      "Maybe the 20th century wasn't all bad." (Gers Kuntzman, nyp_00.01.09)

  • "Architect Bruno Zevi Dies at 81"
    -- "Zevi died after a coughing attack brought on by the flu, Italian media reported." (y_00.01.09)
  • "Big Footprints: Hey, Baby Boomers Need Their Space, OK? Look at All Their Stuff"
    -- "Like American waistline, the new American home is getting larger." (Carlos Tejada, Patrick Barta, wsj_00.01.07)
  • "A Wild Ride That's Not Over Yet"
    -- "Still, Mr. Marks and Ms. Barfield, both 47, had no reason to assume that their wheel would be built. Then, a London newspaper, The Evening Standard, made the structure ... a pet cause." (Fred Bernstein, nyt_00.01.06)

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The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes and critical trivia.

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