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Boston : red brick
Boston : ICA
Washington DC
Brandenburg Gate
Pudong Shanghai
Medina Seattle
Las Vegas
Kuala Lumpur
  • "Enlightenment in Boston"
    -- "If knowledge expels darkness, the Menino administration should be lighting up Boston neighborhoods for decades to come." (Editorial, bg_00.01.21)     *** more   + big play

  • "Remembering John Lautner, Who Hated and Loved Los Angeles"
    -- "Five years after the death of the architect ... two excellent tributes ..." (nyt_00.01.20)

  • "SFO seeks fresh ideas on runways "
    -- "Commission OKs global competition for innovative design in $2.5 billion plan to expand airport" (Ryan Kim, sfc_00.01.19)

    • "S.F. Airport Design Contest Seeks New Runway Solutions"
      -- "$250,000 offered for environmentally sound innovation" (Michael McCabe, Jonathan Curiel, sfc_00.01.19)

  • "Looking through glass at an MFA redesign "
    -- "Spencer de Grey is a Foster and Partners veteran of 27 years, a Commander of the British Empire, the architect in charge of the MFA project, and a jolly English gentleman of impeccable pedigree. His late father, Sir Roger de Grey, was ..." (Christine Temin, bg_00.01.19)
  • "Monstrous Blancmange"
    -- "Freelance architectural critic Charles Windsor filed another review last week." (wsj_00.01.19)

  • "Lending Squeeze Damps Building Development"
    -- "There's virtually no office space available in downtown Boston. ...But it seems as though the only cranes on the Boston skyline are working on the Big Dig ..." (Jeffrey Krasner, wsj_00.01.19)
  • "Donald's Wealth Estimates Trump Reality"
    -- "Donald exaggerates sometimes. He's talking of futures." (Abraham Wallach, Mr Trump's aide, executive vice president of Trump Organization, in Linda Sandler, wsj_00.01.19)
  • "Washington Monument scaffolding for sale, may be headed for Minneapolis"
    -- "Minneapolis-based Target is negotiating to purchase the 37 miles of aluminum and nylon for several million dollars ..." (ap/sfg_00.01.13)

    • "Monumental Aluminum"
      -- "Target Stores, wants to buy it and rebuild it at one-half scale in a park near the Minneapolis Institute of Art" (wsj_00.01.19)

  • "Berlin Mayor to Snub Holocaust Rite"
    -- "In what appears to be a calculated insult, Mr. Diepgen has said that his agenda is too full to attend the ceremony Jan 27 ..." (Roger Cohen, iht/nyt_00.01.18)   *** more

  • "Berkeley professor to help choose design of national monument"
    -- "It's one of the greatest honors of my life," (Randy Hester, in Debra Levi Holtz, sfe_00.01.17)

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    The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes and critical trivia.

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