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Architectural Tabloid -- A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes, appalling statistics, and delicious tidbits.

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  • "Carnegie Science Center announces $90 million expansion"
    -- "They're hoping for a spectacular, eye catching design, in which part of the new building might even arch out over water." (Tom Barnes, ppg_00.10.25)
  • "Koolhaas' High-Art Stakes"
    -- "The pragmatic hand of an architect unafraid of risks is at work in designs for two galleries at Vegas' Venetian." (Nicolai Ouroussoff, lat_00.10.25)
  • "Architects Submit Four Proposals for New Headquarters for The Times"
    -- "Prismatic, polymorphous, scintillating and starkly angular ..." (David W Dunlap, nyt_00.09.14)

    • "A Rare Opportunity For Real Architecture Where It's Needed"
      --"A Times critic muses about the building where he may one day practice his craft." (Herbert Muschamp, nyt_00.10.22)

    • "Contest of Architects Yields a Gossamer Vision for The Times"
      -- "This building is about defying gravity ... This is the idea." (Renzo Piano, in David W Dunlap, nyt_00.10.13)

      << "A Design for The Times, by an Outsider"
      -- "An Elite Contest Yields a Shimmering Vision of a Midtown Tower" (David W Dunlap, nyt_00.10.13) >>

    • "Architect's Works Maintain Ties to Builder's Art"
      -- "Renzo Piano, who attained the highest formal honor an architect can achieve when he won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1998, once wondered if he should have been a contractor." (Julie V Iovine, nyt_00.10.13)

    • "Renzo Piano to design New York Times building"
      -- "The New York Times has picked a noted Italian architect to design its new 40-story headquarters in the Times Square area." (cnn/ap_00.10.13)


  • "Toaster's architect pops up"
    -- "The Toaster, Sydney's favourite architectural whipping boy, will be the subject of a public talk by its designer, Andrew Andersons, ... the first time the much-castigated architect has spoken publicly about the development." (Geraldine O'Brien, smh_00.10.20)

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  • "MoMA's Peer Review"
    -- "The City, Neighbors and Others Weigh In on Its Building Plan; Don't Forget the Stained Glass." (Lee Rosenbaum, wsj_00.10.17)

  • "Newest Architects Toss Away Their Squares"
    -- "Computers Allow Creation Of Eccentric Designs; Bubbles, Zippers Are In" (Linda Sandler, wsj_00.09.27)

  • "Design That Coaxes Buildings Out of Themselves"
    -- "And what, by the way, is the status of Eisenman's fine plan?" (Herbert Muschamp, nyt_00.09.10)


  • "Can a Frenchman Inspire the Heart of Beijing?"
    -- "Forty Years in Coming, a Theater Still Arouses Fierce Passions; Is It a Pearl or a Duck Egg?" (Sheila Melvin, wsj_00.09.06)


  • "Helmut Jahn's Vision: Building Without Walls"
    -- "Architect Says US Lags Europe in Technology But Is Ahead on Form" (Dagmar Aalund, wsj_00.08.30)


  • "The 'Unbuildable' Buildings of Zaha Hadid"
    -- "A visionary architect who had completed only three buildings in her career now has seven in progress." (Lesley Downer, wsj_00.08.11)

  • "Space Age ... There's a place for everything ...
    -- "If design awards mean anything ..., rather than a collective pat on the back for architects, ..." (Geraldine O'Brien, smh_00.07.01)

    • "An industrial-strength talent"
      -- "It's been a good few weeks for Sam Marshall: a marriage, a baby on the way and, just to cap it off, the Wilkinson Award ..." (Geraldine O'Brien, smh_00.07.01)

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    c u r r e n t - recent projects - gallery - E+Net - index - BBZ i n e

    The chronicle of architecture in competitions, commercials, polemics, propaganda, trivia, and other nonsense.

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