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Las Vegas
Circular Quay
Fan Pier



  • "Architect who has built reputation amid setbacks"
    -- "Alternating triumph and despair have been the lot of Lord Rogers of Riverside ..." (Marcus Binney, lt_01.07.19)


  • "The Gallery: How Less Become More"
    -- "Two Shows ... Show Us the Inventor of Cool." (Ada Louise Huxtable, wsj_01.07.25)
    • "Architectural Name-Dropping"
      -- "It's a hot day in heaven when our architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable seems to give hope to the unshamable real-estate developer Donald Trump." (Comment: Buildings, wsj_01.07.25)

    • "Double dose of Mies offers NY diversity"
      -- "New York City is hog heaven for architecture groupies these days." (Robert Campbell, bg_01.06.28)


    • "Totally Modern Mies"
      -- " Not everyone could fell snug in the Farnsworth House." (Cathleen McGuigan, nwk_01.06.25)

    • "Mies is hit, not miss"
      -- "The triumph of Mies van der Rohe's architecture rests in this: His buildings, massive though they are, have become virtually invisible." (James Gardner, nyp_01.06.21)


  • "A Hotel Alliance Splits Up, but Schrager Presses Ahead"
    -- "... Frank O. Gehry is already working with Mr Schrager on a new design." (Charles V Bagli, nyt_01.06.28)
    • "Schrager and his architects"
      -- "The window pattern is particularly striking. ..." (dom838_01.06)

  • "In Choosing Architects for a Midtown Project, Where Are the Stars?"
    -- "The competition epitomizes ... the marginalization of architecture ..." (Herbert Muschamp, nyt_01.06.24)


  • "Altered gallery entrance 'will be more welcoming' "
    -- "The National Gallery of Australia unveiled its controversial designs: a new glass-enclosed front door yesterday, a plan the original architect said was 'like glazing in the Parthenon' ". (Lauren Martin, smh_01.06.27)


  • "New Allston library is a gem"
    -- "They admit they altered their ideas considerably before they were able to please the neighbors." (Robert Campbell, bg_01.06.21)

  • "Federal Building design sparks feud. But even SF planners won't have final say"
    -- "Critics, depending on their sense of diplomacy, start with words like 'inappropriate' and move on to 'heinous.'" (David R Baker, sfc_01.06.21)
  • "Museum seeks to stir"
    -- "The opening of Australia's new, vibrantly colored National Museum on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin yesterday evoked memories of Canberra's last controversial architectural project." (Annabel Crabb, age_01.03.12)   *** more
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New Haven

for sale

  • "Does The New York Times architecture critic Herbert Mushamp keep writing about the same things?"
    -- "Michael Sorkin crunches the numbers." (arch_01.06)


  • "Cecil Balmond has a simple plan to reinvent architecture: Break down the cage ..."
    -- "Architectural superstar Rem Koolhaas swears by him." (Jennifer Kabat, wired_01.04)

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Belconnen : 07.10.19

  • "Demolition begins on key piece of Australian architectural history"
    -- "Demolition of the iconic Cameron Offices building in Canberra must cease immediately or Australia will suffer another irreparable and major loss of its cultural and built history on a scale which is totally inappropriate in the modern world," (the Royal Australian Institute of Architects -- RAIA, - ed. Amelia Bogatko)  

  • "Architects urge against offices' demolition."
    -- "The Royal Australian Institute of Architects has called for a halt to demolition work on the Cameron offices at Belconnen in the ACT." (, aaus_06.08.07)


  • "A carpark will soon replace the Cameron Offices at Belconnen."
    -- "Despite continuing efforts to demonstrate their heritage value, modern buildings are often the first to go."

    "Why, ... does the Federal Government not follow its own guidelines. ... Why is the Federal Government sanctioning this demolition?" (Peter Freeman and Graeme Trickett, aaus_00.09.00)

    • " ... demolition, or partial demolition, of John Andrews' Cameron is still an option ..."
      -- "they are dysfunctional and do not meet health and safety requirements" (minister's spokesperson, in aaus_99.02.00)

in x s

x m l


  • "Flashback: John Andrews in America"
    -- "Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra are destroying his brutalist monuments but John Andrews' achievements still bring honour to Australia in the United States and Canada" (Philip Drew, aaus_00.05)

* monalisa

  • "Corporate Overhaul"
    -- "Rice Daubney has completed an unpopular assignment to update John Andrews' Sulman Award-winning American Express Tower at King and George Streets, Sydney." (Peter Mould, aaus_99.07.00)

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