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*** fp_04.08.03

[Famous Designer Franchise]
  • familiar spin
    "Daniel Libeskind, once architect in residence at Cranbrook Educational Community in Bloomfield Hills, more recently the master planner for rebuilding the World Trade Center site in New York, won fame for his dramatic design for the Jewish Museum in Berlin, which opened in 2001. Deploying a serpentine geometry and windows that were mere jagged slits, Libeskind brilliantly allowed his irregular angles and off-kilter rooms to stand for the dislocations of Jewish history.

    But when, on the strength of that work, Libeskind won the commission for an extension of the Denver Art Museum, what did he produce? Another building with the zig zag walls and slit windows that he made famous in Berlin. What abyss could the imagery developed to evoke the Holocaust signify in a modern American art museum? Perhaps higher prices in the museum store." (John Gallagher, fp_04.08.03)

  • superficial spin
    "Or consider Santiago Calatrava , the Spanish designer whose graceful bird-like Quadracci Pavilion for the Milwaukee Art Museum stunned the architectural world a few years back. When Calatrava recently unveiled his design for the new commuter train station at the Ground Zero site in Manhattan, he again, as in Milwaukee, produced a bird-like image with rising wings." (John Gallagher, fp_04.08.03)

  • nether side of celebrity
    "Those who hire Frank Gehry now don't want him to explore new directions. They are collecting a Gehry the same way they might acquire a Matisse or a Picasso." (John Gallagher, fp_04.08.03)

*** wsj_04.07.21

[Translucent Concrete]
  • humdrum
    "At first, the concrete craze was confined to retailers, avant-garde architects and ultra trendy individuals, mostly in California." (Ray A Smith, wsj_04.07.21)

  • structural decorative
    "Among displays generating the most buzz is a small scale model of a chapel with translucent concrete walls; the walls contains embedded plastic fibers that transmit light from one face to the other." (Ray A Smith, wsj_04.07.21)

  • inert
    "Concreteness is not so concrete." (Bill Price of Huston, in Ray A Smith, wsj_04.07.21)

  • poetic gesture
    "The show also features a series of translucent-concrete panels ... The panels are a tenth of an inch thick, which is thin enough to be translucent under direct light. The panels are made of Portland cement and sand, reinforced with a small amount of chopped fiberglass." (Ray A Smith, wsj_04.07.21)

*** smh_04.07.20

[Royal Australian Institute of Architects Awards ...]
  • dedicated-doping arena
    " ... professional institutes are hill tribes in designer dress, institute awards become pecking-order devices designed to keep the flock online, ordered and, well, pecking." (Elizabeth Farrelly, smh_04.07.20)

  • femino-philiac
    "Family-friendly policies, sure, but grrrl-stars? No sirree." (Elizabeth Farrelly, smh_04.07.20)

  • boy-girl duos
    "Clubs, gongs and more clubs. If you feel like you've seen it all before, in the awards department, well, it's true. You have. ... what, honestly, would you expect?" (Elizabeth Farrelly, smh_04.07.20)

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