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The chronicle of architecture in competitions, polemics, commercials, trivia, and other nonsense.

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unbuilt works, on-going works, built works revisited -- new competitions, pre-qualifications, competition results, exhibitions, reviews -- random nuisance, delicious tidbits, appalling statistics, useless scholarship
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For each grouping (they are six main groupings), the organization of the lists-strand and the quotes-strand are the same. As a parallel pair, both are divided into identical categories that can be accessed by scrolling the page up and down.

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- category X
      building A
      building B
- category Y
      building C
- category Z
      building D
- category X
      excerpt A
      excerpt B
- category Y
      excerpt C
- category Z
      excerpt D
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- category X
      building Etc.
- category Y
- category Z
- category X
      excerpt Etc.
- category Y
- category Z

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The six lists / quotes groupings:

Ebloid Xpress



  • traffic
    new releases, new commissions, plum jobs, contested projects, currently under construction, recently opened, over-exposed, famous working-drawings, real estate

  • Ebloid Xpress
    hyped, manic, scrutinized, ambushed, shunned, front-covered, advertised, Architecture Is ...

  • Exit-Poll
    the Most this and that, the -est lists ... the short listed, the ill reputes, the all-stars, the salon des refuses, p o p c o r n architecture, c a r - c h a s e s, other architectural records

  • debate
    d e b a t e s, exhibitions, books, letters, writings, reviews, anniversary subversions

  • rewind
    "should-have-won," might-have-beens, unpremiated pilots, in-memoriam, redux, lost of nerves and other debacles

  • amnesia
    m   e m o r y   g a m e s, citations, sequels, practice notes, the profession

adlines &
  m o r e -- hEadlines
d a y t i m e   s o a p s   --   marquees moon
  & other hEadhypes

Other groupings:


  • hEadlines
    general press dispatches, daily headlines, daytime soaps, marquee names, hypes of the month, fountainheads

  • pageTwo
    obituaries, For Sale

  • indices
    headlines index, chronology, "index-jackpot"

  • ragtrade / BBQ
    rant rave rage outrage sour grapes insider trading nepotism cronyism ol'boys retirement village

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The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes and critical trivia.

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