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*** china_daily_04.10.01

[1st Architectural Biennial Beijing 2004]
  • flowers and applause
    "We know the opposition. But it's not anything different from what you might hear in London or Paris." (Mark Goulthorpe, a professor of architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies, in cd_04.10.01)

  • gold mine
    "Wilfried Hackenbroich, partner of the Germany-based Hackenbroich Architecten Ag, said it was unrealistic for Western architects' works to be very popular in China." (cd_04.10.01)

  • skyrocketing
    "Beijing is not a testing ground for foreign architectural works. It is a place where their masterpieces can be brewed." (Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China Co Ltd, in cd_04.10.01)

  • upside-down triangles
    "Experts say the market factor plays a pivotal role in the access of foreign architects in China. Developers are eager to boast about their foreign design because these developments often sell better than those of domestic firms." (cd_04.10.01)

  • eye-catching
    "They [domestic architects] suddenly see their knowledge and architectural language, which they have inherited from their teachers and ancestors, isn't being put into use, and their role becomes subordinate to that of foreign architects." (US-based Chinese artist Gao Minglu, one of the planners of the ABB 2004, in cd_04.10.01)

  • losing out
    "Their [western architects] works seem always to try and melt a conspicuous power structure by refusing to put in straight and perpendicular roads between different building blocks, such as between government departments and common residential zones, Zhu said."
    (Zhu Qi, a famous architect from the China Art Academy, in cd_04.10.01)

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d e -   b a i t

*** smh_04.10.22

[Planners, Sydney Councils, and Aesthetic Control]
  • aesthetic morons
    "Murcutt, founding president of the new Australian Architecture Association, rages against aesthetic interference by councils. His association co-shaman, Harry Seidler, has long pushed ..." (Elizabeth Farrelly, smh_04.10.22)

  • haloed architects
    "How far do we trust the experts, ... that gave us (for example) Blues Point Tower, and would have replicated it all over McMahons Point?" (Elizabeth Farrelly, smh_04.10.22)

  • schmuck developers
    "The only viable solution is for governments at every level to relinguish aesthetic control and leave design to the designers." (Elizabeth Farrelly, smh_04.10.22)

  • chasm
    "For planners this is anathema, ..." (Elizabeth Farrelly, smh_04.10.22)

  • more >>>> Kellyville, Albion Park



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