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Architecture in commercials, polemics, and propaganda. A chronicle of architecture's footnotes, statistics, and other nonsense.

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*** obs_04.12.19

[Peter Eisenman, Vienna]
  • concealed exhibits
    "According to Eisenman, the exhibition ... is intended to strike a blow for content. 'It's against the spectacular,' he says. For him: 'The age of the spectacular ended with 9/11. We are in a time of terror, protection and enclosure.' " (Deyan Sudjic, obs_04.12.19)
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*** nyt_04.10.31

[1960's experimentation ; brutalism]
  • inverted ziggurat
    "In the 60's, energy was cheap, so buildings were blithely inefficient. Air-conditioning and fluorescent light were considered good substitutes for breezes and natural sunshine." (Fred A Bernstein, nyt_04.10.31)

  • serrated concrete
    "Experimentation with new materials was rampant. And though a building made of stone is likely to last hundreds of years, experts say, a building made of concrete and aluminum is not." (Fred A Bernstein, nyt_04.10.31)

  • wide ties
    "New materials don't always work out as advertised." (Harry Hunderman, a principal of the Illinois engineering firm Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, which has helped restore many postwar buildings, in Fred A Bernstein, nyt_04.10.31)
  • Jefferson Airplane albums
    "... few 60's buildings have landmark status - protection that is sometimes unavailable until a building is 50 years old, though the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission will designate buildings at 30. Often, owners avoid seeking landmark status because it tends to reduce a property's value." (Fred A Bernstein, nyt_04.10.31)

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*** nyt_04.10.31

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*** abc_07.10.19 : community

[Cameron Offices, Belconnen, Canberra ACT]
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  • unfortunate exercise
    -- "A spokeswoman for the Department of Environment and Water says an emergency listing request for the building is under consideration.
    She says the complex was considered for heritage listing by the Australian Heritage Council but they did not believe it met the requirements." (abc.net.au_07.10.19)


  • heritage expert
    -- "Aesthetics is not just to do with shape and form and colour ... Aesthetics is also to do with community experience and the meaning of the places and for the majority of the community I suspect that that place has very little meaning or negative meaning." (Professor Ken Taylor, the Australian National University in abc.net.au_07.10.19)

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  • verdure
    -- "It would seem that one material, reinforced concrete, would contribute to dignity and impressiveness and that appropriate immensity in spans and masses with contracting delicacy in plastic ornamentation together with a maximum of repetition and rhythm and a general simplicity would, with imagination, suffice for rational and genuine style. ..." (Graeme Trickett, on Cameron Offices, in ct_07.11.12)
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The world of architecture in competitions, theories, polemics, commercials, and propagandas. A chronicle of architecture's devastating footnotes, critical trivia, and other nonsense.

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