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notoriety index

(*****) "The Sunday Times : The Cool 100"

"We asked a committee of seven design gurus to choose their pick of the century." (-- The List of Ilse Crawford, vice-president of Donna Karan and a former editor of Elle Decoration; Terence Conran, designer, retailer and restaurateur; Stephen Bayley, design consultant and author; Alexandra Shulman, editor of Vogue; Nicky Haslam, interior designer; Valerie Mendes, chief curator, textiles and dress at the Victoria and Albert museum; and Colin McDowell, author and fashion historian)

  1. Marlene Dietrich
  2. Black Ascot
  3. Issey Miyake's clothes
    The ultimate in wearable art. TC
  4. James Dean
    The best argument for dying young.
  5. Coffee tables
  6. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
    One building that transformed a whole city. AS
  7. Eames furniture
    The epitome of cool from this century's most important designers. TC
  8. Viv Richards
  9. L'Eau d'Issey bottle
  10. Marcello Mastroianni in Fellini's La Dolce Vita, 1960
  11. Leica M3
  12. Verner Panton's Relaxer 2 rocking chair
  13. Consuelo Vanderbilt (the Duchess of Marlborough)
  14. David Bailey's Shots of Style V&A exhibition catalogue, 1985
  15. Stilettos
  16. Dior's New Look
  17. Grace Kelly in High Society, 1955
  18. The little black dress
  19. Philippe Starck
    A superbly innovative and imaginative designer with a marvellous sense of humour. TC
  20. The Gitanes packet
  21. Kate Moss
  22. Air conditioning
    It has made all the difference to late-20th-century living. NH
  23. Dyson cleaners
  24. The Ballets Russes
  25. The i-Mac
  26. Jean-Michel Frank
    The first and finest modern interior designer, and still the most influential. NH
  27. Camouflage
  28. Bryan Ferry
  29. The wall-mounted light switch
  30. Diana Vreeland
  31. Painless dentistry
  32. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Seagram building in Manhattan
    New York's greatest skyscraper. TC
  33. Cashpoint cards
  34. The trainer
  35. Lucy Rie
  36. Vogue
  37. Ethel Merman
  38. Vespa scooters
  39. Nylon
  40. The tango
  41. Wallis Simpson
  42. Cubism
  43. Skin on skin
  44. John Galliano's first collection for Christian Dior
  45. Charlotte Perriaud
  46. Audrey Hepburn
  47. Beck's Tube map
  48. Performance, the movie, 1970
  49. Chanel costume jewellery
  50. The suntan
  51. Madonna
  52. Elizabeth David
  53. Biba
  54. Prada bags
  55. Ford F150 pickup with SuperCab
  56. Yves Saint Laurent
  57. Live Aid
  58. Anglepoise lamp
  59. Bendick's Bittermints
  60. The cocktail
  61. Japanese lacquerware
  62. Herzog Demeuron
    Architects of the new Tate, with a great take on texture and transparency. IC
  63. The Gap
  64. Eurostar terminal
    An impressive gateway to London for train passengers from Europe. TC
  65. Lloyd Loom chair
  66. Jeans
  67. Salvatore Ferragamo
  68. Tom Dixon
  69. Gregor Schumi haircut
  70. Concorde
  71. Michelin building
    A stunning piece of quirky architecture inspired by Mr Bibendum, and the first reinforced concrete structure in the UK. TC
  72. J M Weston loafers
  73. The paperclip
  74. The Delphos gown
  75. British Airways LondonEye
  76. IWC Fliegeruhr Mk XII
  77. Patrick Cox's Wannabe loafers
  78. Princess Caroline of Monaco
    As photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for Harper's Bazaar.
  79. Paul Poiret's A Thousand and One Nights fancy dress party, 1911
  80. Miles Davis
  81. American models
  82. Brigitte Bardot
    In Roger Vadim's And God Created Woman, 1956
  83. Pierre Konig's Stahl House, Hollywood
    The international Stahl seductively adapted for rich Americans. It is hard to imagine a laid-back standard of living higher than Konig's hard-edged hedonistic architectural fantasies. SB
  84. Andy Warhol
  85. Michelangelo Antonioni
  86. Agent Provocateur lingerie
  87. Berthold Lubetkin's architecture
    One of the first Russian modernists, best known for London's Highpoint and the Penguin Pool. IC
  88. Pablo Picasso
    "Great artists," he once said, "don't borrow, they steal." His colleague, Georges Braque, said of him: "Picasso used to be a great artist. Now he's just a genius." SB
  89. Thames Barrier
    Majestic, shining and functional - a beautiful, enormous piece of engineering. VM
  90. Twiggy
  91. Single espresso
  92. Juliette Greco
  93. White shirt
  94. Knitted tie
  95. The Beatles
  96. Manolo Blahnik shoes
  97. Peasant food
  98. Tom Ford
  99. St√ąphane Grappelli and the Jazz Club de France
  100. The Truman Capote Black and White Party

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