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notoriety index

(*****) The Society for American City and Regional Planning History
(-- The List of the Fannie Mae Foundation, the publisher of "Housing Facts & Findings," winter 1999 issue
"The Fannie Mae Foundation had asked 149 urban scholars to select the top 10 influences on cities during the past 50 years and to to predict the 10 most likely influences of the next 50 years.")

"top 10 influences on cities during the past 50 years" :

  1. The 1956 Interstate Highway Act and the dominance of the automobile.
  2. Federal Housing Administration mortgage financing and subdivision regulation.
  3. De-industrialization of central cities.
  4. Urban renewal--downtown redevelopment and public housing projects (1949 Housing Act).
  5. Levittown (the mass-produced suburban tract house).
  6. Racial segregation and job discrimination in cities and suburbs.
  7. Enclosed shopping malls.
  8. Sun Belt-style sprawl.
  9. Air conditioning.
  10. Urban riots of the 1960s.

"Notably absent from the list of influences are
  • urban design theories
  • construction technology
  • mass transit
  • cheap gasoline
  • tax policies
  • cultural amenities
  • urban public education, or
  • quality of municipal government leadership."

"10 most likely influences of the next 50 years"

  1. Growing disparities of wealth.
  2. Suburban political majority.
  3. Aging of the baby boomers.
  4. Perpetual 'underclass' in central cities and inner-ring suburbs.
  5. 'Smart growth,' or environmental and planning initiatives to limit sprawl.
  6. The Internet.
  7. Deterioration of the 'first-ring' post-1945 suburbs.
  8. Shrinking household size.
  9. Expanded superhighway system of 'outer beltways' to serve new edge cities.
  10. Racial integration as part of the increasing diversity in cities and suburbs.

(*****) m o r e

Most etc.


*** smh_99.11.18

[the most sought after office, Sydney]
  1. Aurora Place, on the site of the former State Government Office block at 88 Phillips Street -- Renzo Piano
    "The top floor, leased recently by financial services group Challenger International at an estimated $1,100 a square metre net, ranks it as the most expensive office space in the country. But as anyone that has put on a hard hat and taken a ride to the top of the site will tell you, the view is breathtaking."
  2. Chifley Tower -- Kohn Pedersen Fox
      top floors tenant: Allen, Allen and Hemsley; at mid-$400sq m
  3. Gateway or Axa Australia Building 1989
      top floors tenant: Japanese trader Mitsui & Co, at $750-$800sq m net.
  4. Governor Phillip Tower -- Denton Corker Marshall
    "Following close on its heels is the top of Governor Phillip Tower, occupied by Boston Consulting Group, which is reputed to be paying about $683 a square metre, net."
  5. Governor Macquarie Tower
      top floors tenant: Lawyers Malleson Stephen Jacques
  6. MLC Centre 1978 -- Harry Seidler
      the main tenant: Servcorp, the serviced office group, at $450sq m gross.
  7. the new Citibank Centre which straddles Park, George and Pitt Streets
      the main tenants: Citibank and its broking arm Salomon Smith Barney; top floors tenant at $500sq m net

Other properties that have attracted the headlines in the past year include

  1. the new 400 George Street building
      the main tenant: Telstra; $300sq m gross
  2. 363 George Street Tower
      the main tenants: Aussie Home Loans and Arthur Andersen

s h o r t - l i s t s



Downsview National Park, Toronto, Canada
-- "21st century standard for excellence in landscape and architectural design, recreational planning and horticulture"

  • Gordon/David's List
    CLC Downsview Inc (Gordon Farquharson/David Sadowski)'s invitees

    • Brown & Storey, Toronto, Canada
      Roche, DSV & SieP, Paris, France
      Rodolphe el-Khoury, Toronto, Canada
      Yolles, Toronto, Canada
      iTrans, Richmond Hill, Canada
      Urban Forest Associates, Toronto, Canada
      Sieker, Berlin, Germany
      Nasser, Brookline, USA
      John Mighton, Toronto, Canada

    • James Corner, Field Operations, Philadelphia, USA
      Stan Allen, New York, USA
      Tomato, London, United Kingdom
      Delta Group, Philadelphia, USA
      Buro Happold, New York, USA
      Tom Siccama, New Haven, USA
      Cahill, West Chester, USA
      Chris Graham, RBG, Burlington, Canada
      Marc Mayer, Toronto, Canada
      L'Observatore, New York, USA/Paris, France
      Ted Relph, Toronto, Canada
      HLW Strategies, New York, USA

    • Rem Koolhaas, Office of Metropolitan Architecture, Rotterdam, Netherlands
      Bruce Mau Design, Toronto, Canada
      Inside/Outside, Amsterdam, Netherlands
      Oleson Worland, Toronto, Canada
      Ove Arup, New York, USA/London, UK
      Moonstone Landscape, Coldwater, Canada
      Noel Harding, Toronto, Canada

    • Bernard Tschumi, New York, USA
      Sterling Finlayson, Toronto, Canada
      Gunta Mackars, Toronto, Canada
      Dereck Revington, Toronto, Canada
      Ove Arup, New York, USA/London, UK
      Read Voorhees, Toronto, Canada
      Stephan Murphy, Waterloo, Canada
      W. Andrew Kenney, Toronto, Canada
      Dan Euser, Toronto, Canada
      Eric Haldenby, Waterloo, Canada
      Helyar, Toronto, Canada
      Pricewaterhousecooper, Toronto, Canada
      Adams & Associates, Toronto, Canada

    • Foreign Office Architects, Tokyo, Japan
      KPMB, Toronto, Canada
      Peter Walker, Berkeley, USA
      MBTW, Toronto, Canada
      Dillon, Toronto, Canada
      Cochrane Brook, Toronto, Canada
      Allen Kani, Toronto, Canada
      Kirk Biggar, Toronto, Canada
      Atom Egoyan, Toronto, Canada
      Marjory Jacobson, Toronto, Canada
      Helyar, Toronto, Canada
      Gerry Shikatani, Toronto, Canada

  • more   s h o r t l i s t s

p o p c o r n



  • "The Truman Show" : Seaside, Miami -- Andre Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk

c a r - c h a s e s

a r c h i t e c t u r a l
r e c o r d s



  • British Airways London Eye, the Ferris Millennium Wheel on the Thames, London -- David Marks, Julia Barfield
      450-foot; "twice as tall as the original Ferris wheel, in Chicago"
      "said to be the world's largest Ferris wheel"   $40 million
      32 passenger compartments, each hold 25 passengers

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