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s u p e r m o d e l
p l e x i k i n g

u l t i m a t e   m e d i a   h y p e

barely drawn -- on frontpages / coverpages of general press - prior to construction
'good-copy' -- media darlings


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x m l

p e n u l t i m a t e

barely approved -- on coverpages of non-architectural / design / art press - prior to completion


  • National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics, Beijing, China -- Herzog De Meuron and China Design and Architecture Institute
        3.5 billion yuan (S$730 million)
        100,000 seats


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water cube [-]
x m l

d u s t - m a s t e r

barely dry -- on coverpages - prior to occupation

p e e r   p r e s s u r e

barely built -- blanketing trade rags



  • Beijing Airport Terminal -- Sir Norman Foster (UK)
    -- "The sinuous building with a red main building and trailing yellow-green appendages has been designed to recall a Chinese dragon." (Hamish McDonald, age_04.08.31)

x m l

p i n - u p
u n d e r c o v e r -- c o v e r   u p

bare all -- upon completion



  • National Swimming Center (Aquatic Centre), Beijing -- PTW (Sydney) with Arup Australasia
    -- "... 'water cube' is made up of irregular 'honeycombs' with light space frames derived from the geometric structure of foam, all covered with translucent Teflon. Its facade, too, is made of transparent air cushions that look like random water bubbles. After the Games, the striking building will be turned into an entertainment center with artificial beach, wave pool, fitness club, restaurants and shops." (Ulf Meyer, sfc_04.08.26)

bird's nest
Tiananmen Square
the Forbidden City

x m l

a r c h i t e c t u r e  -   f o r   -   a d v e r t i s e m e n t

i s

--   r a n d o m   f o r t n i g h t l y   s n a p s h o t   --

(*****) frivolous, exquisite
home and garden


(*****) more frivolous, exquisite


c o m p e t i t i o n s
a n n o u n c e m e n t s   -   r e s u l t s   -   r e v i e w s

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(*****) back in the news

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E b l o i d
x p r e s s

(*****) hyped-up, over-enthused, all-the-fuss   -- general press uncurbed enthusiasm


x m l

marg in x s x m l

  • Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center (Basketball Arena), Wukesong area in the western section of Beijing -- Burckhardt + Partner (Swiss)
    -- "The facades will be made entirely of giant LED - screens for live broadcasts. Spectators who cannot obtain or afford the tickets can follow the Games from outside the big cube. When there are no sports events, the screens will be used for advertising." (Ulf Meyer, sfc_04.08.26)

pure cube
liquid crystal screen

x m l

  • Bicycling stadium, -- Schuermann Architects (Germany)
    -- "a circular building that rests on a glass base and is reminiscent of a horizontal wheel, with cable spokes leading to a central hub. Visitors arrive at the hall on wooden paths that hover over an artificial landscape of waves of grass." (Ulf Meyer, sfc_04.08.26)
marg in x s x m l

  • Olympic Center (Fencing, Shooting Hall, Press Center and Broadcast Studios)-- RMJM (UK)
    -- "with a convex, rectangular facade cantilevering over the road." (Ulf Meyer, sfc_04.08.26)
marg in x s x m l

  • Aquatic Park Shunyi District -- EDAW
marg in x s x m l

marg in x s x m l

v e d e t t e   b a n k   c u r r e n c y   i n d e x

f r i e n d l y   p l u g s
(*****) manic-ly promoted, hysterically buffed-up, in architectural press


  • CD Packaging Center, Robel -- Carsten Roth
  • Housing, Hamburg -- Carsten Roth

Young Germans [-]

(*****) massively-ballyhooed, in architectural -- and general -- press

a m b u s h e d -- h o s t i l e   f i r e
(*****) contested projects in general -- and architectural -- press

m o b
(*****) intensely scrutinized   in general press

o e d i p u s
(*****) f r i e n d l y   f i r e
-esque -esq

o f f   t h e   r a d a r
(*****) non disclosure   p r o t e c t i o n

t h e   t h o u g h t   p o l i c e
(*****) f.o.b. -- not friends of ...

f r o z e n   d i n n e r
(*****) shunned out -- belaboring in obscurities

d   o     n   o   t     t   o   u   c   h     t   h   e   s   e     b   u   t   t   o   n   s

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