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s u p e r m o d e l
c a r d b o a r d a n i s t a s

u l t i m a t e   m e d i a   h y p e

barely drawn -- on front-pages/ cover-pages of general press

*** nytimes_04.07.15

*** icon_04.07.07

[CCTV Headquarters, Beijing, China]
  • zip out
    "Even as ecstatic reviews of the Seattle library continue to pour in, rumors are swirling that his largest commision to date, a $730 million, 5-million-square-foot headquarters for Chinese state television in Beijing, is in danger being canceled." (Christopher Hawthorne, nyt_04.07.15)

  • adament
    "These rumors are longstanding ... But we meet with the client on a monthly basis, and they are absolutely convinced that the project will be built." (Rem Koolhaas, in Christopher Hawthorne, nyt_04.07.15)

  • more >>>> CCTV

  • previously <<<< on CCTV

*** bd_des_04.05.28

  • preparation work
    "Chinese prime minster Wen Jiabao has reportedly decided to halt work on the project as part of a political move to win favour among the country's poor." (bd_04.05.28)

*** guardian_02.07.30

*** nytimes_04.07.14

[Freedom Tower, New York]
  • $843,750
    "It betrays the tumultuous business-as-usual jousting that has replaced some of the stated intent to rebuild ground zero in a cooperative, selfless spirit." (David W Dunlap, nyt_04.07.14)

  • Daniel Libeskind
    "... commerce has trumped planning, an assertion rarely heard from such a highly placed insider as Mr. Libeskind." (David W Dunlap, nyt_04.07.14)

  • Howard J. Rubenstein
    "That being said, we fully expect to prevail." (David W Dunlap, nyt_04.07.14)

  • Edward W. Hayes
    " 'While Silverstein disingenuously claimed to support the master plan, his actions, then and up to the present time, bespeak a clear intent to derail the project wherever he perceives a conflict with his personal financial interest,' the lawsuit said." (David W Dunlap, nyt_04.07.14)

  • Nina Libeskind
    "Begining with the estimated Freedom Tower project cost of $1.5 billion (as reported in newspapers, Ms. Libeskind said ...) she assumed what she called a conservative architectural fee of 1.5 percent, or $22.5 million." (David W Dunlap, nyt_04.07.14)

  • $225,000
    "Studio Daniel Libeskind worked on the conceptual and schematic phases of the design, which she estimated as representing about 15 percent of the total job, or $3.375 million. Of that, she credited her office with one-quarter of the work ... ." (David W Dunlap, nyt_04.07.14)

  • Kevin M. Rampe
    "This is a private dispute ... ." (David W Dunlap, nyt_04.07.14)

  • slugfest : more on Freedom Tower / Ground Zero

*** nytimes_04.06.20




p e n u l t i m a t e

barely approved -- on coverpages of non-architectural/ design/ art press - prior to construction


*** arecord_04.07

[Seattle Central Library, Seattle]
  • whirlwind
    "In the end, the board's decision was not based on the bottom line. 'Can you do beauty? asked one board member. 'Yes,' was Koolhaas immediate response." (Sheri Olson, arec_04.07)

  • more on Seattle Central Library : origami

d u s t - m a s t e r

barely dry -- on coverpages - prior to occupation

p e e r   p r e s s u r e

barely built -- blanketing trade rags

f r o n t c o v e r
u n d e r c o v e r - c o v e r   u p - c o v e r t   o p

bare all -- upon completion

a r c h i t e c t u r e  -   f o r   -   a d v e r t i s e m e n t

i s

--   r a n d o m   f o r t n i g h t l y   s n a p s h o t   --

(*****) frivolous, exquisite
home and garden


(*****) more frivolous, exquisite


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Architecture in competitions, commercials, polemics, propaganda, and other nonsense.

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(*****) back in the news

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E b l o i d
x p r e s s

(*****) much-hyped, over-enthused, all-the-fuss, in general press


*** sfc_04.08.26

[Olympic Green, Beijing, China]
  • leitmotiv
    "I would not include our first project in China in our portfolio because the client wouldn't let us control the quality enough, ..." (Dennis Pieprz, director of Sasaki Associates, in Ulf Meyer, sfc_04.08.26)




v e d e t t e   b a n k   c u r r e n c y   i n d e x

f r i e n d l y   p l u g s
(*****) manic-ly promoted, hysterically buffed-up, in architectural press


*** [dw_04.09.09

[Young German Architects]
  • self confidence
    "So who are among the unsung talents hidden away in Germany, just waiting for their chance to shine on the international stage? Weiss, author of 'Young German Architects,' says Hamburg-based Carsten Roth tops his list." (Klaus Dieter Weiss, an architecture critic, in Kristine Ziwica, dw_04.09.09)



(*****) massively-ballyhooed, in architectural -- and general -- press

a m b u s h e d -- h o s t i l e   f i r e
(*****) contested projects in general -- and architectural -- press

m o b
(*****) intensely scrutinized   in general press

o e d i p u s
(*****) f r i e n d l y   f i r e
-esque -esq

o f f   t h e   r a d a r
(*****) non disclosure   p r o t e c t i o n

t h e   t h o u g h t   p o l i c e
(*****) f.o.b. -- not friends of ...

f r o z e n   d i n n e r
(*****) shunned out -- belaboring in obscurities

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