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x p r e s s

(*****) much-hyped, over-enthused, all-the-fuss, in general press







v e d e t t e   b a n k   c u r r e n c y   i n d e x

f r i e n d l y   p l u g s
(*****) manic-ly promoted, hysterically buffed-up, in architectural press






(*****) massively-ballyhooed, in architectural -- and general -- press

a m b u s h e d -- h o s t i l e   f i r e
(*****) contested projects in general -- and architectural -- press

*** bbc_04.12.15

*** obs_04.12.19
*** gua_04.12.16
*** ap_00.01.18
*** ap_98.08.10
*** nyt_98.06.04
*** r_98.04.15
*** dn_98.03.04

Venice Bienale

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[German Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin] -- previous entries : (1998)
  • winched
    "The building of a memorial to the millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust was approved by the German parliament more than 15 years ago.

    But the project has been held up by disputes over the location, the artistic design and the discovery that the firm supplying the anti-graffiti coating for the slabs was associated with the production of poison gas used in Nazi death camps." (Barbara Miller, bbc_04.12.15)

  • swirled
    "That scandal involved Degussa AG, manufacturer of anti-graffiti protection for concrete pillars which are also partly made by a Degussa subsidiary." (dpa_exp_04.12.15)

  • plagued
    "Others who had sought to get rid of Degussa included a top mover of the project, broadcast journalist Lea Rosh, as well as the vice- president of Germany's Central Council of Jews, Salomon Korn." (dpa_exp_04.12.15)
  • wrangles
    "When the Degussa issue was revived at a committee meeting in March, the New York architect said in exasperation that his Jewish dentist in Manhattan had told him Degussa was also a major supplier of dental filling materials.

    Speaking in English through a German interpreter, Eisenman said it would breaching a construction contract with Degussa would be as ridiculous as ripping out millions of people's dental fillings around the world." (dpa_exp_04.12.15)

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m o b
(*****) intensely scrutinized   in general press

o e d i p u s
(*****) f r i e n d l y   f i r e
-esque -esq

o f f   t h e   r a d a r
(*****) non disclosure   p r o t e c t i o n

t h e   t h o u g h t   p o l i c e
(*****) f.o.b. -- not friends of ...

f r o z e n   d i n n e r
(*****) shunned out -- belaboring in obscurities

s u p e r m o d e l
h y p e r c a r d b o a r d

u l t i m a t e   m e d i a   h y p e

barely drawn -- on front-pages/ cover-pages of general press




*** ctribune_04.09.07

    [Freedom Tower, New York]

  • unvarnished
    "This is like watching sausages get made or seeing an arranged marriage descend into intense recrimination and spiral toward divorce." (Blair Kamin, ct_04.09.07)

  • behind-the-curtain
    "He's my third genius."
    (Ed Hayes, the hard-boiled lawyer who once represented Andy Warhol and Tom Wolfe and now works for Libeskind, in Blair Kamin, ct_04.09.07)

  • skyscraperlike
    "With a frown and a nod, Nordenson acknowledges that he resigned from the project after Pataki issued a last-minute order for Childs to dramatically cut the height of his twisting tower." (Blair Kamin, ct_04.09.07)
  • phalanx
    "Unfortunately, the show fails to contrast such measured judgments with the breathless boosterism many in the New York press exhibited after the tower's design was unveiled last year. 'Power Tower: Soaring Landmark For Ground Zero,' screeched a front-page headline in the New York Post. A picture caption called the design 'breathtaking.' ." (Blair Kamin, ct_04.09.07)

  • resilience
    "The program also doesn't note the broader cultural significance of Freedom Tower's unusual design. Much of the tower's upper half will remain unoccupied, consisting of energy-generating windmills enclosed by a latticework of cables and the spire. It all seems like a giant folly -- a clear sign that fear still rules the skyline, despite the rhetoric about not letting the terrorists win." (Blair Kamin, ct_04.09.07)

  • telescopes events
    " ... a disappointing design for one of the most conspicuous skyscrapers of our time." (Blair Kamin, ct_04.09.07)

  • previously on Freedom Tower : liars - slugfest

*** nytimes_04.07.14

*** nytimes_04.06.20




p e n u l t i m a t e

barely approved -- on coverpages of non-architectural/ design/ art press - prior to construction


*** arecord_04.07

[Seattle Central Library, Seattle]
  • whirlwind
    "In the end, the board's decision was not based on the bottom line. 'Can you do beauty? asked one board member. 'Yes,' was Koolhaas immediate response." (Sheri Olson, arec_04.07)

  • more on Seattle Central Library : origami

d u s t - m a s t e r

barely dry -- on coverpages - prior to occupation

p e e r   p r e s s u r e

barely built -- blanketing trade rags

f r o n t c o v e r
u n d e r c o v e r - c o v e r   u p - c o v e r t   o p

bare all -- upon completion

a r c h i t e c t u r e  -   f o r   -   a d v e r t i s e m e n t

i s

--   r a n d o m   f o r t n i g h t l y   s n a p s h o t   --

(*****) frivolous, exquisite
home and garden


(*****) more frivolous, exquisite


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