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new projects - on the drawing boards

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n e w   A r r i v a l
new commissions  -- for mass media consumption


*** nytimes_04.06.16

[Whitney Museum of American Art Addition, New York]
  • roofline
    " 'We knew we needed to hire an architect who could get a museum building built,' ..." (Melva Bucksbaum, head of the selection committee, in Carol Vogel, nyt_04.06.16)

  • have character
    " 'We didn't feel we needed a destination building that would compete with the Breuer building. The Whitney is already a destination.' ..." (Melva Bucksbaum, head of the selection committee, in Carol Vogel, nyt_04.06.16)

  • city light
    "... during interviews each candidate was asked which other architect designed the best museums.
    'Everyone either said Louis Kahn or Renzo Piano,' ..." (the artist Chuck Close, on the Whitney's board and selection committe, in Carol Vogel, nyt_04.06.16)

*** art_newspaper_04.06.00

  • derail
    "The Whitney board was so sure of their choice that when Piano refused to participate in a competition, they cancelled it and handed him the job anyway." (Jason Edward Kaufman, tan_04.06.00)

  • hulking
    "They were looking for function, not flash, Mr Weinberg explains, noting that 'First and foremost is not the spectacle of the museum, but the spectacle of the art." (Adam Weinberg, museum director, in Jason Edward Kaufman, tan_04.06.00)

*** dmn_04.06.12

  [Dallas Center for The Performing Arts, Dallas]
  • intellectual bakeoff
    "Both seemed rattled by the 'Dallasness' of the evening, in which discussion of high-brow architecture got sandwiched between an inscrutable talk on amoebas by actor Sidney Poitier and an arts testimonial from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, whose stadium deal with the county was at that moment cratering offstage." (David Dillon, dmn_04.06.12)
  [Winspear Opera House, Dallas]
  • glassy ellipse
    "Norman Foster, impeccably turned out and tight as a coiled spring, drifted through computerized renderings ..." (David Dillon, dmn_04.06.12)

  • traditional horseshoe
    "That's the culture of the Foster and Partners office as well, as disciplined and controlled as an army regiment where, according to one British critic, 'almost 500 architects end up adopting its founders' personal handwriting, drawing technique, and habit of using hardback sketchbooks.'" (David Dillon, dmn_04.06.12)

  [Wyly Theatre, Dallas]
  • theater machine
    "Rem Koolhaas, dressed in black and looking like a medieval woodcut of an ascetic, gave a somewhat flashier introduction ..." (David Dillon, dmn_04.06.12)

  • intellectual scrum
    "Mr. Koolhaas has a reputation for being a brilliant thinker and a careless builder, as though he couldn't really be bothered about how things go together." (David Dillon, dmn_04.06.12)

*** dbj_04.06.07
*** dmn_04.06.09

  [more on Dallas Center for The Performing Arts, Dallas]

l o s t   &   f o u n d
p r e m a t u r e   l a n d i n g




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d e p a r t u r e   L o u n g e



n o w   s h o w i n g

next showing

t r a v e l   g u i d e   --   g a l a s ,   d e b u t s   &   k i c k o f f s     --
recently opened, opening soon


*** fp_04.08.03

[Millenium Park, Chicago]
  • melting geometry
    "But his latest project, the just-opened Jay Pritzker Pavilion band shell in Chicago's new 24.5-acre Millennium Park just north of the Art Institute of Chicago, shows what happens when an architect grows too famous." (John Gallagher, fp_04.08.03)

  • burnished metallic
    "Trapped now by his own imagery, Gehry apparently wanted to give Millennium Park's creators something less showy than his trademark metallic ribbons and swirls. But they insisted on their own version of what by now has become the Gehry formula." (John Gallagher, fp_04.08.03)

  • wow-chitecture
    "... 'I did one that was very flat, very Miesian,' he said of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. 'People were horrified. They didn't want that.' With a touch of humor, he added, 'I can't escape my language. So you recognize my work, I guess. I think everyone is pretty much stuck with themselves.' ..." (Frank Gehry, in John Gallagher, fp_04.08.03)

  • trademark architecture
    "These days, Gehry isn't the only star designer who has begun to franchise himself. And the results can be as inconsistent as they are controversial." (John Gallagher, fp_04.08.03)

*** age_04.07.24

[National Australia Bank (NAB) Headquarters, Docklands, Melbourne]
  • egalitarian
    "From the outside it resembles a giant Rubik's cube or a massive Lego house. Inside it seems like a life-sized doll's house in chic steel and red ironbark.." (Paul Robinson, age_04.07.24)

  • gender neutral
    "Nicknamed N@D, the multi-coloured glass-panelled exterior, designed to recall the hectares of shipping containers once stacked on the site, is the counterpoint of the classic sandstone banks on Collins and Bourke streets." (Paul Robinson, age_04.07.24)

  • masculine high-rise
    "Mr Grose, of Bligh Voller Nield, said marble and stone edifices of the past sought to present power, safety, trust and the conservative discretion of male financiers." (Paul Robinson, age_04.07.24)

  • deregulated
    "This is not a male building; it has more feminine influences, ..." (Paul Robinson, age_04.07.24)

  • wealth protection
    "Mr Danaher, a retirement savings accounts administrator, disputes claims that N@D is a new workplace concept.

    'It might be a new building but the old structures are still here. It takes more than glass and steel to change that.'" (Paul Robinson, age_04.07.24)

*** smh_04.05.25
[+] exit

[Lend Lease Headquarters, Sydney]
  • rhetoric of risk
    "Lend Lease has a history of taking risks on architecture -- or had such a history back in the glory days of Dusseldorp and Australia Square." (Elizabeth Farrelly, smh_04.05.25)
  • hard yakka
    "Lend Lease had been antsy for a while. ... they were looking for a large-floorplate fringe location that would be 'churn'-friendly, 'bump'-friendly and eco-friendly (read flexible, open and green)." (Elizabeth Farrelly, smh_04.05.25)

  • tut-tutting
    "It's all very civilised -- so civilised you'd be forgiven for suspecting a space-warp into some pocket of Scando-enlightement. So civilised it makes you suspicious, period." (Elizabeth Farrelly, smh_04.05.25)

*** smh_03.05.15

  • thrash out
    "The workplace -- for the first time in an Australian commercial building -- employs a 'chilled beam' air-conditioning system. ... The process also continually draws in fesh air and exhausts used air without recirculating it." (Geraldine O'Brien, smh_03.05.15)

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currently under construction/recently completed

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