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new commissions  -- for mass media consumption


*** age_04.08.24

[Soho China Mixed Development, Beijing Central Business District, Beijing, China]
  • marathon
    "Co-directors Peter Davidson and Don Bates, who were called inexperienced when they were chosen to design Federation Square, say their first foray into public architecture has been applauded overseas and had helped them to win the Soho China competition." (Martin Boulton, age_04.08.24)

  • shorter distances
    "Attacked by architectural historians, industry critics and even celebrity Barry Humphries, who called it obsolete before it was finished, Federation Square has won many design awards including the Walter Burley Griffin award for urban design." (Martin Boulton, age_04.08.24)

  • speed
    "It's a culture where retail is emerging as an activity, they (the Chinese) haven't had 100 years of shopping, but things are evolving very quickly in Beijing." (Peter Davidson, in Martin Boulton, age_04.08.24)

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recently opened, opening soon




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n o t e d   p r o j e c t s

currently under construction/recently completed

(*****) in-prints a n d  being built
(propaganda machine$ at work ...)  

*** ct_04.08.19

[Hyde Park Center, The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business]
  • management education
    "Business schools have fallen in love with breakout rooms ... These little conference rooms are proliferating like cupholders in mini-vans, as schools try to outdo one another in building state-of-the-art facilities." (Ameet Sachdev, ct_04.08.19)

*** ct_04.08.19

[Krannert School of Management, Purdue University]
  • little cells
    "Architecturally, these are not the most exciting parts of the building." (Rob Chandler, an architect at the Boston firm of Goody Clancy, in Ameet Sachdev, ct_04.08.19)

i n a u g r a l   s p i n s

after the fact / better late than ... / better built than ... / better be dawg than ...
wall street ceremonies

gutless wonder / ... never / ... cancelled / ... be scrutinized
/ -- what ? ... criticism ... ?

p l u m   j o b s


*** sh_04.08.08
*** st_04.05.23
*** ts_98.10.15
*** ts_98.06.22

  [Scottish Parliament House, Holyrood, Scotland, UK]
  • mongrel tradition
    "The reasons are well known. First, the politicians underestimated the real price and then meddled during construction; the managers have mismanaged; the architects have changed the plans; even the Fraser Inquiry, set up to investigate the mess, is costing too much – what a disgrace!" (Charles Jencks, sh_04.08.08)

  • cross of the saltire
    "To appreciate how important and convincing this national symbolism is, one has to compare the Scottish building to other contemporary parliaments. With the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff, Richard Rogers has designed a simple shed-building that looks like a wavy hat. Although much less complex than the Scottish parliament, Lord Rogers has run into many of the problems that Miralles and the associate architects, RMJM, have faced in Edinburgh: political interference, cost overruns, a hostile press, long construction delays caused by management failure plus the ignominy of being hired, then fired for 18 months and then rehired." (Charles Jencks, sh_04.08.08)

  • shoal of fish
    "To design a national symbol is to accept a poisoned chalice, and Rogers deserves praise for enduring the humiliations." (Charles Jencks, sh_04.08.08)

  • curved vesica
    "Norman Foster, who in 1992 won the competition for the new German Reichstag in Berlin, transformed the 19th century shell that Hitler burned and the Russians bombed, with an airy dome and minimalist halls. ... Similarly, it took a long time to bring to fruition, seven years from the competition date and, as usual with the building type, it ran well over the budget. Canberra's Parliament House in Australia, won in a competition by American architects Mitchell and Giurgola in 1979, was completed nine years later and, no surprise, at much greater price than envisaged." (Charles Jencks, sh_04.08.08)

  • upturned boats
    "The Scots have got themselves a winner. Yet if this thought is not pleasing enough, and one is still distressed by what the press calls 'Follyrood', a quick trip to Brussels and the EU headquarters – with its set of grotesquely pretentious and extravagant assemblies – is enough to make one admire the Edinburgh understatement." (Charles Jencks, sh_04.08.08)

  • more



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