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*** afp_04.05.24

[Roissy-Charles De Gaulle, Terminal 2E, Paris]
  • catastrophe
    "The fatal roof collapse at a state-of-the-art new terminal at Paris' main airport is a grievous blow to the plans of Air France to transform Roissy-Charles De Gaulle into the primary European air communications hub." (afp_04.05.24)

  • future giant
    "The terminal, which was inaugurated just 11 months ago and saw a through traffic of 20,000 passengers a day, was a key part of the development strategy drawn up by Air France with Aeroports de Paris (ADP) to overtake the airport's rivals at Frankfurt and London's Heathrow." (afp_04.05.24)

  • Airbus 380
    "But now the terminal has been closed for an indefinite period, and may even have to be demolished entirely if a technical investigation establishes that the disaster was caused by a design flaw." (afp_04.05.24)

  • earthquake
    "ADP spent EUR 750 million (USD 896 million) on the terminal, and its demolition would be a financial catastrophe." (afp_04.05.24)

*** nyt_04.05.27
  • hubris
    "In their descriptions of the elliptical concrete, glass and steel terminal's "ultramodern" and "futuristic" design, journalists were at least implicitly making the case that its French architect, Paul Andreu, and his structural engineers might well turn out to be the primary culprits in its collapse." (Christopher Hawthorne, nyt_04.05.27)

  • speculating
    "... 'When incidents like this happen, the press loves to trot out this morality play suggesting that the reason for the disaster is that the architect wanted to do something new or unusual,' said Terence Riley, chief curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan." (Christopher Hawthorne, nyt_04.05.27)

*** ccc_04.05.24
  • 9 million passengers
    "When it was opened, the new terminal was heralded as a 'showpiece of modern architecture', Serafini explained. ... And more construction is planned: it will take until 2007 for the terminal to be finished ..." (William Cederwell_04.05.24)

  • principal hub
    "But maybe yesterday's disaster ... was to be expected, reckoned Astrid de Larminat in Le Figaro. The terminal was 'finished in great haste', she wrote, and on the 'eve of its inauguration security officials concluded that the building had not been finished." (William Cederwell_04.05.24)

  • an inquiry
    "Perhaps, wondered Le Figaro's Thierry Vigoureux, the 'architectural concept' behind this 'cathedral-like' terminal also impinged on the practical considerations' of construction." (William Cederwell_04.05.24)

  • dramatic accident
    "It is now up to the expert to ascertain whether 'faults in construction or fault in design' are to blame, wrote Thierry Clement in Le Petit Journal." (William Cederwell_04.05.24)

  • technological image
    "France should be thankful that the accident happend when it did, said LeParisien: there were few passengers at 7am, and the consensus is that 'it could have been far worse'." (William Cederwell_04.05.24)

*** bbc_04.05.24
  • deadlines
    "'A terminal built at full speed: unions denounce the pressure put on deadlines by Paris Airport and Air France', is another headline in Liberation." (bbc_04.05.24)

  • left-leaning
    "'Why did a building meant to pass the draconian safety standards for public buildings collapse like a house of cards?' the paper asks." (Liberation in bbc_04.05.24)

  • taking time
    "The paper thinks it will highlight the working of an economy, 'where margins aren't won on the best performance, but on the lowest cost'." (Liberation in bbc_04.05.24)

  • cock-and-bull
    "The centre-right Le Monde also raises the issue of union involvement. ... The right-leaning national daily Le Figaro comes up with a different theory." (Liberation in bbc_04.05.24)

*** afp_04.05.24

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