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  • Cameron Offices, Belconnen Town Centre, Canbera ACT 1969 -1977 -- John Andrews International

    -- also known as
    Government Office Complex Belconnen, National Capital Development Commission, Canberra, Australia -- John Andrews Architects

    General office space and communal facilities creating the first phase of a satelite town.

    • "a government office complex ... to accommodate 4000 persons in 600,000 square feet at cost of $4000 per worker place." (John Andrews in Jennifer Taylor, 1982)

    • "... the required density, 1,000,000 square feet on six acres gross, 660 workers per acre, the equivalent of three storey building covering the entire site." (John Andrews in Jennifer Taylor, 1982)

    • "The proposed complex was to house the deparment of census and statistics, accommodating 3,000 personnel and a computer service centre ..." (ca_76.07)

    • Peter Courtney, Bruce Lincoln
      T. C. Whittle Pty Ltd
      1,000,000 sq ft
      1968 - 1975 (a+u_7405)

    • Cost: $16,000,000 (jaa_1970)

    • a skeleton with joints
      "a single, great, low building to serve as street, office community and public system all in one." (Jaquelin T. Robertson, arec_80.10)

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Amalgamated Property Group
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  • Commonwealth Heritage Place
  • Comsuper Australia

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see also:

  • Centraal Beheer, Amsterdam -- Herman Hertzberger

  • Scarborough College, Toronto -- John Andrews
  • Gund Hall - Harvard GSD, Cambridge MA -- John Andrews
  • King George Tower, Sydney -- John Andrews

Chandigarh, Punjab, India -- Le Corbusier

Brasilia, Brazil -- Lucia Costa

Barton Offices, Canberra 1973 -- Harry Seidler

Runcorn Housing, Southgate Estate, Runcorn -- James Stirling designed 1967; built 1970 - 1977; demolished 1990.


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other landscape urbanism

  • Weyerhauser Company Headquarters, Tacoma WA 1971 - E. Chuck Bassett/SOM San Fransisco